Samsung at IFA 2016

The latest new from Samsung, live from Berlin...

02 Sep 2016


We’re at IFA in Berlin, Europe’s largest tech conference. IFA’s home to the latest tech innovations and Samsung’s taken to the stage a day before the doors are open to the general public to let us know what’s in the pipeline. This is what they were showing off…


Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

The Gear S2 smartwatch was unveiled at last years' IFA, and now the Samsung smartwatch family has gained two new additions: the Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier. The two are remarkably similar, with the only noticeable differences being that the Frontier boasts a more rugged look with added LTE connectivity. 

The Gear S3 looks incredibly stylish and minimalist in its aesthetic, featuring a high definition display and brushed steel rotary bezel that we saw previously in the Gear S2. This allows you to navigate the apps by simply rotating the bezel then selecting the one you want by touchscreen.

As well as intuitive controls, the watch is protected by durable Gorilla Glass and is dust and water resistant, meaning you can take a dip n the pool or take it on a day trip to the beach without any worries of causing damage. If you are a bit of an adventurer, it's not only the durable design that you'll benefit from with this watch. The in-built barometer, GPS and speedometer can keep up with all your extreme sporting needs. If you're taking a trip on the slopes, you can even measure altitude.

Samsung Gear S3

Credit: Associated Press

Samsung AddWash Combo 

Last year Samsung released the AddWash washing machine, an innovative twist to an appliance that hadn't changed for years. An extra door at the front allowed you to add that odd sock that always manages to evade the basket, mid-cycle.

Find out more about how AddWash works

Today, they’ve lifted the curtain on a 2-in-1 washer/dryer combo with the same functionality. The new model pumps sanitised air into the drum at the end of each cycle to give your clothes a long-lasting fresh scent. And there’s also a slimline version for urban homes, boasting an 8kg drum.

 AddWash combo

Credit: Samsung

Family Hub fridge

The new all-in-one fridge can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone, speaking directly to the expansive 21.5-inch display on the door. Every time you shut the door, the fridge take three photos of its contents, and beams it to your mobile, meaning that if you’re at the shops and you don’t know if you need a fresh carton of milk, you simply check your photos then and there. Clever, right?

Samsung’s calling it the ‘one stop family food manager’, which should make sure everyone always has their favourite thing in the fridge.

Samsung Family Hub

Credit: Samsung 

Samsung Club des Chefs 

Samsung’s Club des Chefs is a coming together of Michelin-star chefs and Samsung Home Appliances, demonstrating how you can create dishes just like the professionals, at home. Club des Chefs has been sharing its cooking tips at various events since 2013, with the aim to show people how to lead healthier lives through cooking. 

Renowned chefs, Michel Troisgros, Elena Arzak, and Michel Roux were all on stage today to endorse the collaboration, showcasing how, with a little help from Samsung’s range of dynamic kitchen products and some tips from the pros, you too could easily upgrade your culinary game.

 Samsung Club des Chefs

Credit: Samsung