Samsung unveil talking fridges, revolutionary QLED TVs and new Chromebooks at CES 2017

2016 saw a very busy year for Samsung. With the release of the highly anticipated Galaxy S7 Smartphone and their venture into the world of VR with the Gear S3, it’s hard to imagine what they have in store for 2017. It turns out, quite a lot.

05 Jan 2017


Showing their ability to innovate in all areas of technology, Samsung announced live from CES 2017 that they would be unleashing breathtaking new TVs, powerful computers and even fridges that can talk – yes – you heard it right.OLED TV

Introducing stunning QLED TV 

Quantom dots that we know today are tiny crystals that make your TV screen pop with radiant colour. Quantom dots can also reach very high levels of brightness, so you not only see a vivid kaleidoscope of colour on your TV screen, but the blacks also look deeper when contrasted against the bright hues.

Learn more about quantum dot technologyQuantum Dot

However, Some models can lose their colour with age – and that is where Samsung QLED comes in. Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, Joe Stinziano, describes how “QLED is a truly different TV”, showcasing colour exactly how directors envisage them on film. What’s more, you can see these colours perfectly “at almost any angle”. Adjustments have been made to the screen build itself, too. Reduced reflectiveness on the screen ensures blacks look as deep as possible to provide maximum contrast.

Talking fridges and lightening the load on laundry

Samsung are very well known for their prowess in the smart home area, and this year at CES we saw how connected technology is only becoming smarter. Our homes are becoming increasingly more connected, and smart home gadgets have been predicted as one of the biggest trends for 2017.Flex Wah and Dry

Last year, Samsung introduced the AddWash – a smartphone controlled washing mashine that let you add in any stray socks through a handy little hatch on the machine door. This year, Samsung introduced a revolutionary twist on laundry as we know it – the Flex Wash and Flex Dry

What is the Flex Wash?

This brand new washing machine combines 2 washers in 1. How? The bottom compartment boasts a large capacity for the usual family churn of football kits and work clothes, but a second smaller washer has been added in the top of the machine for your delicates, smaller loads, or even just to separate lights and darks. The beauty of it all is that you can wash two separate loads at the same time while keeping different colours and fabrics separate.

What is the Flex Dry?

Much like the Flex Washs, the Flex Dry has two capacity compartments – one large, one smaller. The top compartment is for ensuring your more delicate items of clothing such as silk fabrics can be kept in pristine condition. Both the Dry and Wash Flex models are also compatible with smartphones, meaning you can monitor your wash from anywhere.


The Family Hub 2.0 – Samsung’s talking fridge

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and busy families will spend lots of time here – whether it’s busy school run mornings or cooking family dinners in the evening.Fridges

The Samsung Family Hub fridge is getting a makeover with the release of an updated 2.0 range – and these clever fridges can help organise even the most hectic of family schedules. Acting as a kind of family assistant, the fridge allows you to create your own calendars, play your favourite music, and even read out recipes for you with the introduction of new voice activation technology.

Much like the original Family Hub Fridge, the 2.0 model comes equipped with a camera that lets you check what food you have left inside while you’re at the supermarket. However, the 2.0 model can now actually order your groceries for you straight from your smartphone. With all this amazing functionality, There’s no wonder this fridge swiped the CES 2017 Best Innovation award.


Next generation Chromebooks and gaming laptops that pack power

Samsung announced that they would be releasing a new generation of Chromebooks, designed to work with Google Play and give users access to over 2 million apps. It’s not just the access to apps that has improved though, The new Chromebooks feature a beautiful quad-core display for maximum detail. Thanks to the versatile 2 in 1 design, you can switch effortlessly from laptop to tablet mode, and the new digital pen makes taking notes feel natural and simple.Odyssey

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey is going to give gamers a “mobile gaming experience that rivals a desktop”, according to Vice President of Samsung Electronics America, Alanna Corron. Boasting keys that are ergonomically designed to fit your fingertips and an Intel Core i7 processor, The Notebook Odyssey is designed to give users the optimum gaming experience. This gaming laptop even comes with an innovative new feature not seen before on gaming laptops. A supercharge button on the chassis can be pressed at any time to boost the processing power and graphics, giving you the most enhanced gaming experience possible.


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