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How to keep your home safe while on holiday 29 March 2018

Jetting off on your summer holiday and worried about keeping your home secure? Safeguard your house with our top tech tips…

Smart home
Currys Tech Tuesday smart home - Terms & Conditions 07 March 2018

Read the full terms and conditions for the Currys PC World Tech Tuesday, smart home competition here. 

Smart home
10 gift ideas for Mother's Day 23 February 2018

Whether she’s a music lover, a coffee connoisseur or a style-obsessive, your mum is sure to love one of these great gift ideas…

Smart home
Setting up your Amazon Echo 30 January 2018

Got a new Amazon Echo and keen to get set-up? Check out our quick guide…

Smart home
6 Amazon Echo tips and tricks 29 January 2018

Ask for anything from Domino’s pizza to tomorrow’s weather. The most useful Alexa skills, and some pretty silly ones too, revealed for your Amazon Echo…

Smart home
Control your lighting from your phone with Philips Hue smart bulbs 28 January 2018

Smart light bulbs are no gimmick – they’re proven to boost kerb appeal, secure your home and generally make life a whole lot easier…

Smart home
Nest or Hive – which smart thermostat is right for you? 27 January 2018

More control and lower energy bills – what’s not to love about smart thermostats? Here we compare the Nest and Hive systems…

Smart home
Should I invest in a Smart home? 24 January 2018

With Amazon's Alexa bringing voice control to heating, lighting, cooking and even applying make-up, is now the time to embrace the smart home?

Smart home
Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech 23 January 2018

In a few simple steps smart technology can take your home security to the next level – here’s how…

Smart home
Smart homes? It’s all about the Smart city at CES 2018 08 January 2018

We’ve heard alot about the Smart home, but what about the Smart city? Bosch ushers in a new era at CES in Las Vegas…


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