7 reasons pets love a smart home

The new trend that’s turning UK homes into smart home can make your pet jobs that little bit easier, giving you more time for the fun stuff.

Our pets are as much part ofour families as anyone else – and sometimes even more so!

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So naturally we want to givethem as much attention and love as we can, but we could always do with a helping hand.

Amazingly, the new trendthat’s turning UK homes into smart homes can make your pet jobs that little bit easier too, giving you more time for the fun stuff. Here are seven ways that your pets will love a smart home:

1. Radio Woof-Woof

Your dog or cat knows whattime to expect you home, so if for any reason you're going to be late they usually start to get a little agitated. But with Samsung's SmartThings  you can relax them by remotely turning on a mellow radio station using your smartphone and streaming it from your Sonos Multi-Room Wireless Speaker until you get home.

2. Pet Potty Train

Teaching your new puppy orkitten where they can or can't relieve themselves is usually the most stressful part about having a new pet. But here’s a clever trick: place a SmartThings Moisture Sensor in each known accident spot and receive a push notification alerting you to the accident. You can then go clean it up and correct the culprit's behaviour.

3. Keep Cool, Pooch

Dogs get cooped up whenthey're in the house too long, especially in hot weather. With a SmartThings Power Outlet, you can tap your app and switch on a fan where your dog is. This is particularly useful for warm weather days – so admittedly you wouldn't have had much use out of it this year, but we can but dream for 2016!

4. Down, Boy!

Dogs jumping up onto thesofa is always a pain, but they do love to chance their arm when it comes to shooting for the comfy spot. To help change this, simply tuck a SmartThings Multi Sensor under one of the cushions and set your wireless home audio to play out a warning should your pooch make a dash for the cushions. You could even play a bespoke message in your own voice from your Sonos Multi-Room Wireless Speaker: 'Down, boy!'

5. Garden Patrol

A really cool thing you can dowith SmartThings is to attach a SmartThings Presence Sensor to your pet's collar so that you always know where it is. If it chooses to leave your garden when it's not supposed to you can head out to track it down. Obviously, watch out for the kids messing this one up by attaching the sensor to a squirrel…

6. Counter Cat

Your feline friend will alwaysexploit an opportunity to get up on a counter top, but with a SmartThings Motion Sensor you can set it up to trigger an alarm (using wireless speakers) if you're out of the house, which will encourage your cat to quickly get down again.

7. Dog WalkerWorries

With SmartThings you nolonger need to give your dog walker their own key, you can simply let them in from wherever you are with the use of your smartphone. Get an alert when they turn up, tap 'unlock' on the app to open the door with a SmartLock, and your dog will be getting its exercise in no time. When all is finished, you can tap the button to lock up again.

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