Building your Smarter home

Your home life can be better and easier with Smart Tech - even when you´re out and about

Heard about Smart tech but not sure what it is or how it can improve your home? It's not difficult to turn your house into a Smart home, and it can make your life so much easier.

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What is Smart tech?

Most Smart tech devices can connect to a wireless network and then offer you additional features and benefits. For example, a Smartwatch may be able to sync up to your Smartphone so you can receive notifications about messages and emails, use it as a remote viewfinder for the camera and even track your fitness and activity levels.

There are all sorts of Smart gadgets, from flying camera drones to plant pots that can water themselves, and the range is growing all the time. Soon you'll be able to buy Smart washing machines and fridges that can remind you what you've got in stock when you're at the supermarket - or even automatically order those essentials when you start running low.

What can it do for my home?

You can see a few of our favourite Smart home gadgets in action in the 'Welcome to your smarter home' video below.


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Wake up gently at the perfect time - Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

Want the perfect night's sleep? Withings Aura monitors your rest and will show you your sleep patterns on its dedicated app. You can see the exact times when your sleep was disturbed so you can find out what's waking you up and get a better night.

When it's time to awake, the Aura uses a smart alarm to adjust the timing of the wake-up programme to your body-clock, gently increasing the light in the room and slowly increasing the alarm's volume so you don't jolt awake.

Boil a kettle without leaving your chair - Smarter Wi-Fi Kettle

Ever wish the kettle would boil itself? Now it can! Start it going from your Smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your bed and it'll be well on the way to boiling for your morning cuppa by the time you get downstairs. 

Wireless speakers to play music around your home - Sonos Wireless Speakers

Choose your favourite music or radio station on your Smartphone or tablet and send it to the room you want to hear it in. Sonos lets you add more speakers to your network over time, so you can build up to having one in every room in the house. 

You can have the same song playing in every room or a different choice on each speaker. You can even invite your guests to add tunes to a playlist from their own Smartphones so everyone gets to hear their favourite tune at the party.

Clever heating that can save you money - NEST learning thermostat

The NEST thermostat lets you adjust your heating through your Smartphone or tablet - no matter where you are. So if you're out on a walk and it takes a chilly turn, your house will be nice and toasty for when you return. 

Even better, NEST learns your heating routines and creates a personalised schedule for your home, automatically adjusting the temperature. It can even tell when you're out and turns the heating down to save you money.

Check your home is safe and secure while you're out and about - Samsung SmartCam

Want the peace of mind that everything's OK back at home when you're away? Mount a SmartCam inside or outside your home and you can watch what's going on in HD via your tablet or Smartphone. 

You can record footage, and you can still see what's going on when its dark as the camera has night vision IR.

Lighting to match your mood - Phillips Hue

You may be used to dimmer switches on lights, but Phillips Hue takes things to the next level. Not only can you control the brightness of your lights via your Smartphone or tablet, you can also change the colour - even selecting a colour from a photo and matching that. You're also able to turn the lights on and off while you're away from home to create the impression you're still in.