CES 2015 smart home: robot vacuums, revolutionary washing machines and gadgets that work together

The smart home took a huge leap towards your living room at CES 2015 in Las Vegas - with gadgets from different manufacturers that work together to make your home better

08 Jan 2015


You can now control everything from your lighting to your heating from your Smartphone or tablet.  A whole range of "Smart home" appliances, such as your washing machine, fridge, or kettle, can all connect to your home network so you can control and monitor them - and more!

 Smart home technology took a huge leap forwards at CES 2015 in Las Vegas…  

Devices from different firms to work with one another

Samsung Appliances


Devices from different firms to work with one another

Smart home technology is at its best when devices from different manufacturers work with one another. This idea was a major theme at CES.


Samsung says it will strive to make sure its Smart appliances and gadgets can work with those made by other companies and unveiled their "SmartThings" hub.


What is Samsung SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings is a Smart home hub that allows you to have devices from different manufacturers running and interacting on the same network. With it you can control your locks, lights, thermostats and appliances - all through a single app on your phone. A new hub and sensors were launched at CES, as well as tie-ups with Philips hue Smart light bulbs.


Nest, owned by Google, makes smoke alarms and Smart thermostats that allow you to control your home's heating from your phone. However, you can also change your home's lighting, monitor your fridge temperature and more thanks to compatibility with other manufacturers' products, and there's more to come.

Here are 2 examples:

  • Turn on the heating the moment you wake up (Nest and Jawbone fitness/sleep trackers)
  • Flash your home lights on and off in red when a smoke alarm is set off (Nest and LIFX Smart light bulbs)


The best Smart home products of CES 2015


There was a stack of other Smart home tech we loved at CES. Here are 3 of our favourites:

LG Twin Wash System

LG Twin Wash


A washing machine that allows you to wash your colours and whites at the same time. It has a main drum for your regular load, as well as a separate slide-out drawer below for smaller loads. You can then monitor its progress or change its start time from your Smartphone when out and about.


Misfit Smart light bulbs

Choose from a million colours and scenes to light your living room with Misfit's new Smart light bulbs. You can dim or change the light from your Smartphone, enabling you to set the mood for hard work or relaxation. You can even cast a forest scene, a tropical sunset or a rainbow across the room. The light bulbs sync with Misfit sleep and activity trackers too, so the lights will come on gradually at the time you wake up.

Samsung robot vacuum

Samsung Powerbot VR9000 1

(Credit: Samsung) 

Of all the Smart home appliances, the robot vacuum feels most futuristic. Samsung say the new Powerbot VR900 has 60 times greater suction power than other robot vacuum cleaners. And if you find a dirty spot it's missed, the remote has a light-beam feature - point it where you want to vacuum and the robot will head straight over and get cleaning.  

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