Five reasons why Philips Hue can light up your life

Lighting your home has become so much more exciting and simple with Philips Hue.


Want to add a warm glow to your home? Or how about a lighting mood to match your memories? Or even get the party started with lighting that dances in time with your music? Philips Hue bulbs can do all this, and more.

1)      Control any Hue light in your home, wirelessly

You’ve got the light switch in the palm of your hand with Hue. You can control any Hue lighting using the smartphone app, with an array of functions that let you set timers, turn the lights on or off and choose from around 16 million colours. Hue lets you connect up to fifty bulbs and lightstrips to one hub, so you can cover the whole house.

2)      Wake up gently when you want to

Hue lets you set timers for your lights to switch on and off, and also lets you gradually change the brightness and colour of your lights. So you can wake up more naturally as your lights slowly fade up over a number of minutes, rather than jolting awake to an alarm clock. Alternatively, you can set the lights to slowly fade down, helping you gently fall asleep.

3)      When you’re out, the lights don’t have to be

You don’t have to be in your house to control your Hue bulbs. Connect with the smartphone app and you can turn them on and off whenever you like. This is really useful if you’re away and want to make the house look occupied – especially as you can use this in conjunction with the timer function to make the pattern of lights going on and off look more natural.

4)      When you’re in, the lights come on

Want the lights to automatically come on when you arrive home? With Hue you can. Using Geofencing technology, Hue can be set to turn your home’s lights off when you leave the home and back on upon your return. You can even set up advanced functions so a particular light flashes or changes colour when you get an email.

5)      Match the mood to a favourite photo

With Hue, you can manually choose from up to 16 million colours, but there are also some really clever automated functions.

For example, you can choose from a number of presets that match your needs such as reading, relaxing, concentrating and even a setting to energize you.

Got something more specific in mind? Choose a colour on a photo from your smartphone using Hue’s pointer and watch as the lighting changes to reflect your choice. When you’re happy with the selection, you can save this to memory to use again and again.

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