Google Home: Everything you need to know

Stay organised, informed and entertained with Google Home. Just say ‘Ok, Google…’ and the smart speaker does the rest.

Google Home

28 Mar 2017


What is Google Home?

It’s a hands-free smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant and connected to your Wi-Fi. You can get answers to questions, check your daily calendar, stream music and more. Simply say ‘Ok, Google’ and ask your question or make your request. Google Home launches in the UK on April 6th.

We tell you everything you need to know…


What is Google Assistant?

It’s a voice-activated digital assistant – a bit like Siri or Cortana. You ask it things and tell it do stuff. It uses the best of Google (Search, Maps Translate) to give you answers.

What’s really cool is that Google Assistant can carry out a 2-way conversation with you. Google uses a ‘combination of our natural language processing, machine learning and voice recognition’ so you can enjoy a natural chat. speakerGoogle speaker

Say your first question is ‘where’s the nearest petrol station?’ You can then ask ‘when does it close?’ or ‘does it have a Costa?’

As we’ve mentioned, the trigger phrase to talk to the Home speaker is ‘Ok, Google’ or ‘Hey, Google’.


Say ‘Ok, Google’ to your Home speaker to…                                                                              

Get answers to questions

Google has been answering our questions for a long time. So Home is well placed to help you answer whatever you need. You can ask things like…

  • Nutritional queries like ‘how many calories in a Mars bar?’
  • Maths queries like ‘what is 18% of 92?’
  • Sports scores queries like ‘what was the Man Utd result?’
  • Facts and info such as ‘why is Mars red?
  • Showbiz queries like ‘who won the best actor Oscar in 1955?’

Stay organised

Preparing for important meetings, dropping the kids off at school, remembering to get those peppers you need for that new recipe you want to try tonight.

Modern life is hectic, so anything that can help you stay organised has to be good. Ask Google Home to…

  • Tell you when your first meeting is tomorrow
  • Add peppers to your shopping list
  • Tell you how long it will take to get to work
  • Tell you if your flight has been delayed or is on time
  • Enjoy news briefings from the BBC or Guardian 

Did you know? If you don’t want Google Home to use your calendar and suchlike you can switch off personal results in a single swipe

Stay entertained

Whether watching Stranger Things on Netflix or streaming your favourite album on Spotify, Google Home puts the best entertainment on the tip of your tongue. Google Home is also a wireless speaker, so you can stream from Spotify or Google Play Music. But it also works with Google Chromecast to bring voice control to your TV and speakers.

Ask Google Home to…

  • ‘Play Orange is the New Black on my TV’ by combining it with a Chromecast TV streamer
  • ‘Play Ed Sheeran’ and it’ll play through the Home speaker 

Did you know? You can send music to different speakers around your home – each speaker needs a Chromecast Audio attached itGoogle Home

Control your home

Smart home gadgets like thermostats and lightbulbs are making it easier than ever before to control your home. They hook up wirelessly to your Wi-Fi, and you can control them through apps on your phone. But with Google Home you can control these with your voice…

  • Turn the heating up or down with the Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Turn on the bedroom lights before you go to bed with Philips Hue
  • Turn on your room fan on a summer’s day with Wemo smart plugs

IFTTT is another interesting way of bringing together your smart home gadgets.

Find out all about IFTTT

Whether you want to stay organised, ask questions, or watch Netflix, Home has you covered. Just say ‘Ok, Google…’

Google will be available here from April 6th.