Hive Active Heating 2: Smart tech meets stylish design

The new Hive Active Heating 2 was designed to fit into any home's decor and be simple to use. Find out more...

British Gas has released the second version of the innovative Hive Active HeatingTM thermostat. Building on the success of the first Hive, the design team focussed on creating an intuitive device that fits seamlessly into your home.

Design entrepreneur Yves Béhar created the look and feel of the new thermostat. He designed it to be unobtrusive, streamlined and to offer maximum control with  minimum fuss. You now have three simple buttons and one dial on the thermostat, coupled with an easy-to-read display that appears when you touch the controls. The new design has an LED display and is reflective, being described as resembling a “small mirror”.

The thermostat can be enhanced with a number of coloured frames from the Dulux Feature Wall collection. You can add these to match or contrast with your home’s colour scheme, or use a special wood effect frame for a timeless look.

Designer Yves Béhar stated “When we set out to make the new Hive thermostat, we wanted the end product to reflect the future of the British home. We set out to make a product that is familiar and intuitive in its use, but also modern and discrete.”

“We wanted the experience to be as seamless as possible. When a button or the dial is pressed, the LED display appears through the mirrored surface, lighting up only the necessary buttons to clearly direct the user. The initial guide walks users through a step-by-step process, asking questions to help the experience. In a process that takes as little as a few minutes, the customer can set up to six heating settings per day. If they have a hot water tank they can set the same for their hot water. Once the initial set up is complete, everything can be controlled remotely from the customer’s smartphone. Or if they want to control their heating and hot water manually, they can simply turn the dial or use the buttons.”

The new version of the Hive app is just as straightforward, putting the information and controls you need at your fingertips while retaining the clear visual style. From here you have the ability to control your heating and hot water, set heating schedules, activate frost protection if the temperature drops below a certain level, or activate holiday mode so the heating comes back on for your return. You’ll also receive notifications here letting you know if you’ve left the heating on when you’ve gone out or asking if you want to turn it back on as you return. With Hive you’ll never need to heat an empty home again so you could save up to £150 a year on your heating bills.

View the Hive here.