How smart home security is better for protecting your home

Does ‘smart home’ really mean ‘safer home’? Take a look at some of the smart tech that can give you peace of mind.

24 Jan 2019


Smart home tech can do a lot for you, from playing different music in each room to telling you how much food you have in the fridge. So why not use it to protect your home, as well as make it easier to live in?

Burglars are wise to the old ‘leave a hall light on to pretend we’re in’ trick. But, imagine if you could not only record someone trying to break in but actually tell them to clear off while they’re doing it?

This is where smart home security comes into its own – real-time, anywhere in the world, and fully connected.


All-seeing, all-weather, outdoor cameras

Swann Outdoor Smart Security Camera

If something unusual is happening at home, you can instantly receive a notification on your smartphone. You won’t have to rely on a friendly neighbour to let you know, or get a nasty surprise when you get home. You’ll immediately be informed.

Swann Wireless Smart Security Camera records in 1080p Full HD and can save footage directly in the Cloud. The wireless security cameras also have motion and heat sensors that are clever enough to ignore strong gusts of wind, but will catch someone prowling around in the dead of night.

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Indoor protection for your things

Nest Cam Smart Security Camera

Smart home security systems are easy to set up – usually because there are no wires. The Nest Cam Smart Security Camera only needs a plug socket and a Wi-Fi connection.

And they’re not just for outside. You can keep an eye on the baby while you’re downstairs, or look in on the dog while you’re at work – you can even speak through the camera via your smartphone.

Nest Cam also works with Nest Protect, so if smoke is detected, the smart cam will automatically turn on and start recording video to the Cloud.

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Who’s on your doorstep?

Ring video doorbell 2

An easy way for burglars to check if anyone’s in is to ring the doorbell. If there’s no answer, you could be left vulnerable to break-ins.

With the Ring Video Doorbell 2 you can answer any door knocks, wherever you are via your smartphone. Wide-angle video films in 1080p Full HD so you can see exactly who’s there and what they’re up to. You can even talk to visitors directly – warn potential burglars that you’ve got your eye on them, or tell the delivery person where to leave your package.

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Realistic lighting with clever control

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

Burglars can get wise to lights on a timer, and leaving a hall light on when you go out isn’t much of a deterrent. But, you can easily bamboozle would-be burglars with the touch of a button by controlling lights from your phone while you’re out and about.

With the Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit you can do just that. Use the app to turn lights on or off, schedule lights to come on at certain times, or even have lights turn on automatically when someone presses your smart doorbell. There are 16 million colours to choose from – and you can even sync the lights with music and movies.

Smart control means you don’t have to worry about wasting energy while you’re out, and you can create the perfect atmosphere when you’re in.

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A connected home

Google Home Mini

One of the biggest benefits of smart tech is how convenient and easy it makes things and you can connect most smart home security systems to your smart speaker.

The 360° Google Home Mini lets you take control of your home, hands free. Dim the lights, see who’s at the front door, and check your security cams via voice command. Google Home Mini can also detect different voices, so each member of the family can have a personalised experience.

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