How to have your favourite cup of coffee ready when you wake up

Want to wake to freshly brewed coffee in the morning? With Samsung SmartThings you can get your coffee machine to prepare it while you sleep.

Do you have a favourite way to wake up? Maybe a gentle kiss from a loved one; a coiled spring of an excitable pet or small child dive-bombing you; the sunlight streaming through the blinds and Disney-esque birdsong? For our money, it has to be the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting in from the kitchen, promising fair trade nuttiness and enough caffeine to drag us into the new day.

Picture credit: © Hero Images Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

But without an obliging 'other' (or a very talented pet) to get up and make like a barista while you snooze, it's the wake-up call that'll never happen, right? Wrong.  With a simple Samsung SmartThings setup you can stumble out of bed every morning and directly into the loving, reviving arms of your favourite mug of coffee. Here's how:

As with all Smart lifehacks, it all starts with a SmartThings Hub plugged into your Wi-Fi router, and the free SmartThings app downloaded to your iPhone or Android smartphone.


This one-two teaches your phone how to talk directly to a wide (and growing wider all the time) range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices in your home from wherever you are.  There are so many things you can do, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, coffee.

To complete this particular setup you need one of our favourite devices – a SmartThings Power Outlet. Why favourite? Because this unassuming little box plugs into any everyday wall socket, turning any standard appliance into a smart appliance.


So, with the SmartThings Outlet in the socket, and your coffee percolator plugged into it, you can now instruct it to brew you a pot of freshly-ground lifesaver every morning at a time that suits you.

And that's just for starters. Say you're on the train home and you're looking at a late night hitting the spreadsheets or writing up a report. Fire up the SmartThings app and you can get your coffee machine brewing you a pot so it's ready when you walk in the door. After you with the biscuits…

What you need


    • Biscotti
    • Chocolate Sprinkles
    • A good starting point is the Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit which contains the Hub and three sensors to begin your Smart Home transformation.

Learn more about Samsung SmartThings and to view the range.