How to know when your kids return home safely from school

With a Samsung SmartThings Presence Sensor in their backpack it's easy to know your precious kids are back home safely from school even if you're still en route yourself.

25 Sep 2015


Child arrival anxiety is afear that all parents know only too well. Wanting to be sure that they’ve come home safely is a very natural instinct. But we also know that we can't always be there to greet them at the door everyday – as much as we'd like to!

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But there is an answer. Asmart device can help by alerting you the moment your kids walk in through the door.

The trick is to pop a SmartThings Presence Sensor onto something your child owns. It’s a small beacon and it can be looped onto a keyring or simply placed in a backpack, pencil case, lunch box or anything else you like.

The sensor then connectsto the SmartThings Hub when it's in range, which in turn pings an alert to your phone, so you know your child is back safe and sound.

What is a home hub?Much like your internet router allows you to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to it, so the SmartThings Hub lets you daisy-chain multiple smart devices so you can control all of your smart home needs from your phone.

Just follow the instructionsto install the Hub and pair it up with the free-to-download iOS or Android app.

Whether you're in work,the supermarket or on your own way home, you'll be able to breathe that little bit more easily knowing that your little ones are safely back to roost.

Alternatively, if your childalready has their own smartphone, then you can use this as a Presence Sensor, taking advantage of the same range detection and alert features as the dedicated beacon.

You can even connect aDanalock Smart Lock to automatically open the front door when it detects your child’s presence sensor - awesome if you’re running late. And for that extra touch you could set-up a Sonos Multi-Room Wireless Speaker to play one of their favourite songs – or a message from you! – when they come home. With a D-Link Home Security Camera you can even see your loved ones walk in through the door.

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