How to make sure your home is toasty when you return

With Samsung SmartThings you can control your heating remotely using your smartphone, save money, and guarantee your home is toasty just in time for you to walk through the door.

Summer’s gone, the nights are drawing in and we all know what’s coming next: yep, freezing winter temperatures. It’s as British as post office queues.

And with the mercury falling outside, there’s nothing worse than battling your way through everything the weather can throw at you only to walk into a stone-cold house.

But there is a way to make sure your home gives you a warm welcome while saving money at the same time, and that’s by twinning Samsung's SmartThings with a compatible smart thermostat.

One option is to turn on your Wi-Fi controlled heating from your phone using the free SmartThings app. But even more convenient is setting SmartThings to fire up the boiler whenever your smartphone comes within range.

In this instance, the system uses your phone to know you are on your way home and that it’s time to warm up the place without you even having to think about it.

Either way, the heat is on only when you need it rather than burning away on an automatic timer because the dumb thermostat doesn’t know you had to work late this evening.

Another nice feature is using smart sensors to control individual room temperatures – which is really handy in homes where it can be freezing in one part of the house and the Bahamas in another.

The trick here is to combine the temperature monitoring capability of a SmartThings Multi Sensor with a heater plugged into a SmartThings Power Outlet.

If things turn frosty then the sensor warns your SmartThings Hub which tells the Power Outlet to come on and crank up the heat.

And once the kids' bedroom or the guest room is warm enough then the whole system goes into reverse, saving energy until needed again.

Comfort, efficiency and cost savings are just three improvements SmartThings has nailed but, unlike most Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, it’s also compatible with many other smart devices that together can make life that bit more fun, convenient and secure.

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Picture Credit: © Shutterstock / Alena Ozerova