INFOGRAPHIC: Smart Home - run your home from your phone

From laundry to lighting, here´s how you can run your home from your phone using smart technology...

11 Apr 2014


"The concept of the 'smart home' has been around for many years, but a truly smart home should make it easier for you to do the things you do every day - turn the heating on, dim the lights, lock the doors or shutting the curtains. The challenge has been having a single point of control, and the connectivity to make it all work together. However, high speed internet connectivity both at home and on the move is improving all the time, and the rise of the smartphone has provided the controller you need to make all of this fantastic innovation work. We believe this will enable the dawn of smarter homes - and the opportunity for technology to make your everyday life easier."

-  Dean Kramer, Head of Category, Currys PC World

Smart Home 728

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