LG Smart Garden: How Smart tech blossomed at the Chelsea flower Show

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show plays host to the most beautiful concepts of garden design, but nestled amongst the vibrant blooms and shaded leafy corners, The LG Smart Garden was showcasing something never seen before…

26 May 2016


LG Smart Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

What is the LG Smart Garden?

Pushing the boundaries of traditional garden design, the LG Smart Garden incorporates modern technology into its exhibit, creating a striking but complementary blend of the artificial and natural. The peaceful space featured gentle lighting, an electronic waterfall, and a newly launched 65” OLED TV.

What is OLED TV?

Designer Hay Joung Hwang spoke passionately of her design concept, and how she aimed to “Help people to enjoy the comforts of indoor life, outdoors”. The LG Smart Garden drew an excited crowd, and was awarded a Silver Gilt medal by the show for its innovative approach. 


So, what makes this garden “Smart”?

The story begins with the Smart home. Using apps and connected technology, hundreds of home appliances can now be completely controlled from a smartphone. This kind of home automation can make our busy lives that little bit easier. We can switch the kettle on from our beds or start the washing machine on our way home from work. The Smart Garden is simply an extension of this control.

Every electronic feature in the garden can be controlled from an app called WeMo. This means you can change the lights, turn off the water feature, and even water your plants – all at the push of a button.

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Perhaps the most amazing feature of the LG Smart Garden is a tiny sensor buried in the soil. Throughout the day, the sensor monitors the moisture levels, and even nutrient richness of the earth. This intelligent system takes the guesswork out of plant care. An irrigation system built into the garden allows the plants to receive the vital water they need with one simple click. No more asking the neighbours to mind your roses while you’re on holiday.

LG Smart Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

How does it all work? Can I do this at home?

Yes - the WeMo Insight switch is a simple plug that fits any indoor outlet. All you need to do is plug in your device and connect to your iOS or Android phone.

The devices work while you’re away from your home, too. All you need is an internet connection to turn on the lights and water the plants – meaning you can stay connected wherever you are in the world.

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What did visitors at the LG Smart Garden think?

Even though Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular, many people still seem to be a little in the dark about how much we can do with connected technology.

One first time visitor to the Chelsea Flower Show told us:

“I think it’s amazing. I can’t believe that you can control all of this through a phone. It’s very handy – especially if you’re away from home. Even just turning on the lights while you’re away would be great for security. Though, if you had a garden like this, why would you ever go away?”

 LG Smart garden

What does this mean for the future?

Designer Hay’s vision of creating a beautiful, connected space that allows us to “get more enjoyment from the outdoors” certainly came to life at the Chelsea Flower Show. The garden’s seamless integration of simple and user friendly technology demonstrates how easily Smart devices can help us in our everyday lives. As time goes on, this kind of home automation will only become more common.

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