LG welcomes us to the Smart Home at CES

The smart home is powered by appliances that talk to one another to make your life easier

Imagine starting your washing machine while you're still on the bus, or checking the contents of your fridge from the supermarket. Although this sounds like something from Back to the Future it is happening right here, right now - in Las Vegas, Nevada to be exact.

11) You Can Communicate With LG's Smart Refrigerator When You 're Out Thanks To NFC Technology

LG said in its CES 2013 press conference it wants us to touch the 'Smart Life'. This sounds natty, but what does it mean?

Well, the Smart Life is underpinned by the Smart Home. And the smart home is powered by appliances that talk to one another to make your life easier. LG says the Smart Home is controlled by a central smartphone/remote control, which can be used to monitor our appliances across the home.
The idea for connected devices isn't new, but the way in which they hook up is. Near-field communication has hitherto mainly been used in payments technology, but here it's brought into make our home appliances cleverer, smarter. Thanks to an NFC tag, the appliances can be hooked up to your smartphone with a quick scan. Once you've broken a sweat with all that back-breaking barcode scanning, you'll be able to then control that appliance from outside the home.
So what appliances are designed to slot into LG's Smart Home?

Well we got the lowdown on the vacuum, fridge and washing machine when we stopped by the LG stand in Vegas (once we'd finished gawping at the simply stunning 4K TVs that was). With Smart Home you'll be able to check the contents of your fridge from the supermarket, and work out what's wrong with your washing machine without having to reach for the Yellow Pages.
But our favourite Smart Home device has to be the vacuum. The lady on the LG stand showed us it in action, and we marvelled as it scooted around the parquet flooring, looking like R2D2 with an addiction to cleaning. The HOM BOT can be set to work while you're in the office, and a nifty camera feature lets you check up on whether he's working as hard on his vacuuming as you are on your venting over files at work.
Then there's the fridge - Bored with simply being used to keep our food cold, LG's smart fridges are all about multi-tasking.
The Smart Home - making our old appliances seem like something from the Flintstones with new ones straight from the Jetsons.