Make your home smarter with SmartThings

Have your bedside lamp wake you. Keep little hands out of the medicine cupboard. Uncover a water leak. Just a few things you can do with SmartThings – new smart home kit that lets you control your home from your phone…

07 Sep 2015


What is Samsung SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings range

A new smart home system from Samsung which lets you secure, monitor and control your home with a single smartphone app – whether you’re at home, work or away for the weekend.

Samsung showed off SmartThings at the IFA Berlin tech show to celebrate its UK launch.   

How does it work?

Various sensors and smart devices are connected to the internet though a central hub. You control each device from a single smartphone app – even ones not made by Samsung.

The whole thing can be set up in around 15 minutes, it’s super easy.

What can I do with SmartThings? 

The SmartThings Starter Kit comes with the Hub and 4 sensors: the Multi Sensor, Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor and Power Outlet. Use them to:

  • Secure your home: Attach the Multi Sensor to your doors and windows to be notified whenever they open.
  • Monitor off-limits areas: Keep little hands out of the cleaning cupboard or medicine cabinet with Multi Sensor (it’ll let you know if they’re opened). 
  • Know when the kids get home (or the dog gets out): Be notified when your loved ones come through the front door with the Presence Sensor – whether you’re at home or work. 
  • Make your morning brew: Have the kettle boil at 7am by programming the Power Outlet.
  • Wake up with your lamp: Programme your lamps to come on as you wake up with the Power Outlet.  
  • Or a light come on if your kids wake in the night: A Motion Sensor can recognise if they get out of bed and then switch on their bedside lamp.

Did you know? You can also guard against a leaky roof with a separate Moisture Sensor. It detects whenever you have water where it shouldn’t be.

Do even more with non-Samsung devices

Other branded devices SmartThings hub and app.

Make your home even smarter by connecting non-Samsung devices to your hub.

This is called open platform, and it’s hugely important to the future of the smart home. Without it you’d need different apps for each device – a logistical nightmare!

Products from Philips, Honeywell, Bose and LIFX are among those that’ll work with the SmartThings Hub.

Samsung UK boss Andy Griffiths said SmartThings is not ‘hidden behind a walled garden, but open and interoperable with many devices’.

Why add other devices to SmartThings?

  • Save money on your heating: Turn your heating up or down, or select a programme from the SmartThings app with the Honeywell Lyric Thermostat.
  • Stop wasting energy with lighting: Control the colour and brightness of your lights from your phone by combining SmartThings with LIFX bulbs. Set your light to come on as you wake up, or come in from work.
  • See inside your home when you’re away: You can see what’s happening in your home with the SmartThings app and a Belkin Wi-Fi camera.
  • Play music from your phone: Connect the Bose Soundtouch wireless speaker to your Hub to play music through the SmartThings app.

What about the app?

Samsung SmartThings: How it works

You’ll control everything from the app – so let’s tell you a bit more about it. It works for Windows, Android and iOS and does loads of cool stuff, like:

  • Deliver updates and notifications to let you know what’s happening in and around your home
  • Switch things on and off, or up and down whether you’re at home or away

Set routines for lights, heating and other things to come on and off at certain times. Have different routines for different times – for example ‘I am going to bed’ could switch off your lights and turn down your thermostat.

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