Make your valuables more secure with this smart app

Controlled by a super-simple-to-use app, Samsung Samsung SmartThings sensors make it easy and cost-effective to create a home security system that's tailor-made to your home and the way you live, even giving particularly prized possessions special attention, and alerting you if they're touched.

Controlled by a super-simple-to-use app, Samsung SmartThings sensors (and a growing range of SmartThings-compatible products from loads of other manufacturers) make it easy and cost-effective to create a home security system that's tailor-made to your home and the way you live.


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Naturally, you want to keep all your possessions safe, but what do you do about those extra special items – jewelry, Ming Vases, vintage Tiffany lamps, Xbox One? It would certainly be reassuring to have extra attention on those so you're alerted the moment they're moved while you're out or away.

This is easy to to do with the help of the talented SmartThings Multi Sensor. The Multi Sensor is able to monitor and report not only movement, but also vibration, changes in orientation and even temperature.

It's compact, entirely wireless and sips power very sparingly, meaning it can be placed discreetly on a wardrobe door, drawer, jewelry box or 4K TV, say, and watch over your precious things 24/7 for up to a couple of years on a watch battery.


Once placed in a good spot, adding the Multi Sensor to your home network is easy (you'll need a SmartThings Hub and the free SmartThings App on your iPhone or Android smartphone to have the essentials).

The best thing about SmartThings is that they can be infinitely tweaked to operate when and how you like. Here's a couple of examples to illustrate what we mean, using that hypothetical jewelry box.

Obviously you want the Multi Sensor to alert you if the box is tampered with while you're out, but you don't want to keep having to manually turn it off and back on again when you return home or pop out. A couple of things you could do: set this particular Multi Sensor to arm itself automatically between, say, 8am and 6pm during the week when you're at work.

Alternatively you could combine the abilities of the Multi Sensor with your smartphone or a SmartThings Presence Sensor so that the Multi Sensor arms itself whenever you leave home (and specifically out of the range of your Smart Hub), turning itself back off when it detects you've returned home. Simple, and all without you having to lift another finger once the initial setting up is done.


Just the beginning

And what do you want the Multi Sensor to do in the unlikely situation someone does detect unexpected movement? Instructing it to send you a text or push notification immediately has to be the first step. But you don't have to stop there. Depending on how smart you make your smart home, you might instruct the Multi Sensor to trigger a host of other actions such as:

  • Recording and streaming HD video to your phone from a Samsung SmartCam SNH-P-6410 HD Pro.
  • You can even use the camera to talk to whoever is tampering with your stuff in real time through the Smart Cam's built in speaker!
  • Flashing smart lights (such as the Philips Hue Starter Kit) in the room on and off – possibly in an ominous emergency services-style red and blue for full dramatic effect.
  • Playing the sound of barking dogs through a Sonos Multi-Room Wireless Speaker.

And really, the sky is the limit. With a bit of creativity and SmartThings-enabled devices you could conjure up all sorts of clever ways to protect your most precious possessions. Good luck.  

What you need


Philips Hue Starter Kit

Learn more about Samsung SmartThings and to view the range.