Run your home from your… lightbulb?

Sony thinks tech should blend into the walls, lightbulbs and ornaments of your home. Intrigued? Find out more…

25 Jan 2016


The smart home is all about making life easier – whether heating our homes, keeping them secure or switching things on or off while we’re away.

Now Sony combines a lot of these features in a single light bulb – yep, a light bulb.

Smart lightbulbs are impressive enough when controlling your lights from your phone, but the Sony Multifunctional Light takes it a step further. With it, you can also:

  • turn down your heating – when the temperature gets too high, it’ll shut off your thermostat
  • have the TV switched on as you walk into the room
  • wake up to a gentle light in the morning
  • be alerted when there’s movement in your home when you’re away

sony lightbulbHow does this lightbulb work?

The lightbulb is packed with smart sensors that help it do different things, such as:

  • Motion sensors – detect movement to recognise when you enter the room
  • Temperature sensors – gauge temperature to adjust your heating
  • Luminance sensor – reacts to brightness levels to switch lights on or off
  • Infrared controller – can switch on other appliances

These sensors communicate with other smart home appliances, with the lightbulb acting as a smart home hub – we imagine you’ll be able to control each sensor separately with the smartphone app.


Can I buy the Sony bulb?

Not at the moment – Sony has launched it Japan only, but watch this space for more lightbulb at CESSony’s vision for the home of the future

The smart lightbulb comes weeks after Sony showcased its vision for the future of the smart home – where tech literally blends into the backgrounds of our homes.

It showed off Life Space UX at the CES 2016 tech show in Las Vegas.

Think walls that turn into super-sharp TVs and kitchen table-tops transformed into screens and you’re about there.

Sony says it’s designed to ‘fundamentally change the way you interact with physical spaces and experience entertainment’.

Here are the headline products: 

  • Ultra short throw projector: this 10cm cube can throw up to an 80-inch TV picture onto any wall, making any room your TV room. What’s more, it does it in 4K UHD and has its own built-in speakers.
  • LED bulb speaker: another lightbulb, but this one doubles as a wireless speaker. Put them in overhead lamps, or above the dinner table or kitchen sink to bring music to different situations.
  • Glass sound speaker: The elegant glass tube is actually a wireless speaker. Inside it sits a glowing LED light that creates subtle mood lighting at the same time.


What do they all have in common?

Each of these Sony gadgets blends technology into your home’s fixtures and fittings. It’s about blurring the lines between technology and our interiors to the point where we don’t even realise the tech is there. Is this what the home of the future will be like?

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