Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech

Smart tech isn’t just for streaming music and playing movies. Run your home like a pro with these clever gadgets...

23 Jan 2019


If you’re planning your summer holiday or weekend break, home security can be a worry. We’ve gathered together a handful of smart devices that’ll help give you peace of mind while you’re sunning yourself on the beach.

This clever kit can keep an eye on everything that’s going on around your home. Monitor the kids playing outside, or speak to the postman from your phone. Some devices can even tell if someone is acting suspicious and alert you.


The main benefits of smart home security

  • Monitor everything that's happening inside and outside your home
  • Get alerts when motion is detected or when your camera sees a suspicious character
  • Answer your door from your phone when you're away.
  • Automatically turn on the lights if motion is detected.


Monitor your home in Full HD with a Nest security camera


Nest Cam Smart Security Camera

With a Nest Cam, you can keep an eye on everything that’s going on in your home. It records and streams content in 1080p Full HD quality so everything looks crystal clear.

With Nest Cam you can:

  • Set it up in minutes – just plug it in, download the app and away you go.
  • Use Nest Aware to get continuous 24/7 recording.
  • Get clear, Full-HD quality, even at night.
  • Get alerts so you’ll know if something happens while you’re away.

Get the Nest Cam Smart Security Camera


Stay secure inside and out with a Swann smart cam

Swann Smart camera

This smart security camera has a completely wireless and weatherproof design, so you can use it anywhere (inside or outside). It can go up to 4 weeks between charges too, by conserving energy when it’s not in use.

With the Swann Security Cam you can:

  • Mount it wirelessly anywhere inside or outside your home.
  • Save up to 7 days of video clips to the camera’s built-in storage.
  • Connect it directly to your Wi-Fi with no need for a hub or base station.
  • Use voice commands to stream video an Amazon device such as an Echo Spot or Echo Show.

Get the Swann SWWHD-INTCAM-UK smart camera


See, hear and speak to visitors with the Ring Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

With the Ring Doorbell 2, you can monitor your home from wherever you are and get immediate alerts when someone’s at the door. It has two-way-audio as well, so you can speak to your visitors through your phone, tablet or PC.

Adjustable motion sensors and infrared night vision keep an eye on your home when you’re not there, and keeps you safe and sound when you’re tucked up in bed.

With the Ring Doorbell 2 you can:

  • Choose between hard-wired installation or use the quick-release rechargeable battery – it’s up to you.
  • Adjust the motion sensors to get the perfect settings for your home.
  • See everything with the Full HD wide-angle view.

Worried about the Wi-Fi range? Add a Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender & Indoor Chime

Plug it into any mains socket and it’ll extend the Wi-Fi range to all of your Ring devices - it also works as a doorbell chime. The volume of the chime can be adjusted through the free Ring app on your iOS or Android phone, so you’ll not only get an alert, you’ll hear the chime too.

You can add as many Chime Pro devices as you want, so no matter how big your home is, your Ring security devices will always stay connected.

Get the Ring Doorbell 2 with Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender & Indoor Chime bundle


Get a full alarm system with smart features from Yale

Yale smart security

The Yale Smart Alarm & View Kit combines a traditional alarm system with the latest tech in smart home monitoring. The kit includes:

  • A smart hub with 94db siren.
  • A PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detector & image camera.
  • A door/window sensor.
  • A keypad control panel.
  • An outdoor 104db siren box with flashing LED light, with an additional dummy one as an added deterrent.

It’s designed for medium to large properties and it’s quick and easy to set up through your home Wi-Fi. No wires means no expensive installation.

Once set up, you can arm and disarm the system from your phone – handy if you left the house in a rush and forgot to set the alarm. You can also see what’s going on in your home from anywhere, using the free Yale Smart Home app, and you’ll get immediate notifications if any movement has triggered an alarm.

Get the Yale SR-330 Smart Alarm & View Kit


Protect your home like a pro with Arlo CCTV

Arlo smart security

The Arlo Pro Smart CCTV system comes with three Arlo Pro cameras which are completely wire-free, so no need to mess with clumsy cables or pay for installation. It’s IP65 certified too which means it’ll withstand anything the British weather can throw at it.

With the Arlo Pro CCTV System you can:

  • Use the two-way-audio system to listen in or talk back if you want to make yourself heard.
  • Review your footage with 7 days of free cloud storage.
  • Stop crime before it happens with a 100db siren that can be triggered remotely, or by motion or audio.

Get the Arlo Pro VMS4330-100EUS Wireless CCTV System


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