Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech

In a few simple steps smart technology can take your home security to the next level – here’s how…

Smart technology is here to stay – and it’s not all just about controlling your central heating and streaming your favourite tunes.

This versatile technology also lets you remotely keep an eye on your home security. And it’s not as tricky to set up as it might sound.

Phone -view -on -street2

With just a tap on your phone you could be talking to the postman from your office, making sure the kids have got home safe via an app or checking that strange noise downstairs is just the cat and not a cat burglar.

From heating to lighting, smart tech is making the home more connected – giving you more control and flexibility.


Main benefits of smart security

  • Be a fly on the wall and see what’s happening inside and outside your home with a security camera
  • Get smartphone alerts when motion is detected inside
  • Anybody home? Answer the door from your smartphone with a video doorbell
  • Sensor technology can alert you when doors or windows are opened
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices


Nest Cam security cameras

In a nutshell: Keep an eye on who is in and outside your home with security cameras that stream footage to your smartphone or tablet – made by Google-owned Nest

Nest IQ

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera will send an alert to an app on your Apple or Android smart device and begin streaming and recording full HD video.

It’ll even track the source of movement around the room and give you a crystal-clear view with its 4K HDR image sensor – so you’ll know whether it’s just the cat or not.

This compact camera is super simple to set up and its minimalist design blends with your home décor.

With Nest Cam IQ you can…

  • Place it on a table or attach it your wall or ceiling using its special fitting
  • Detect movement at any pace – be it a creeping burglar or a sprinting cat  
  • View a screenshot from the motion alert so you can see whether it’s a burglar or the kids getting home
  • See your home with excellent clarity with Full HD recording and infra-red night vision
  • Compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • Detect sound in your home and even speak to people from your phone using the 2-way microphone

Get the Nest Cam IQ 

Nest Outdoor Camera

Want to know what’s happening on the other side of the wall? Then check out the Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera.

Like the Nest IQ is offers motion alerts and HD footage – plus a few extras that make it perfect for outdoor use.

The Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera can…

  • Alert you of unexpected sounds – like crashes or breakages – as well as movement
  • Stream password protected footage with your neighbours or make clips and time-lapses to share with police
  • Give you the bigger picture with a 130° wide-angle lens
  • Have a clear view in all light conditions with night vision
  • Quickly review footage and zoom in on the action with Sightline

Check out the Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera

Did you know? By subscribing to Nest Aware you can look back at your footage from between 10 to 30 days, as well as enjoying smarter alerts that can differentiate between people and animals. You can even set important ‘zones’ – such as paths or driveways.


Ring Video Doorbell

In a nutshell: Your own personal butler – see who’s at the door from your smartphone

Ring Video Doorbell

If you like to know who’s at the door before answering, the Ring Doorbell will be right up your street.

It may look like a regular doorbell but it has a discreet camera built-inThcamera connects to an app on your phone or tablet through your Wi-Fi and begins recording when it detects motionall thanks to clever sensors.

Everything you need for installation is in the box (including screws and a screwdriver handle), and set-up is easy once you have downloaded the Ring app.

With the Ring Doorbell you can…

  • Get an alert to your smart device when motion is detected outside your home
  • See who is stood at the door with video streaming
  • View your whole doorstep or driveway with 180° field of view and a range of up to 30 feet
  • Talk to visitors on the doorstep through your phone – just push the green ‘talk’ button on the app   
  • Speak with people on your doorstep when you’re at work – no more missed parcels from postmen and delivery drivers
  • Clearly see guests visiting at night with infrared recording

Get the Ring Video Doorbell


Samsung SmartThings

In a nutshell: This complete kit has everything you need to get your smart home security up and runningSamsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings has everything you need to set up your perfect smart home – including smart security.

Included is the SmartThings Hub that connects all your smart tech devices together - allowing you to control them through the easy-to-use SmartThings app.

Controlling even the largest most complex smart network is a breeze with SmartThings - all thanks to its fast-performing Hub and an array of sensors and monitors (included in the kit).

It’s even compatible with non-Samsung products, meaning you don’t have to limit your home tech to just one manufacturer.


With SmartThings you can…

  • Get notifications on your phone or tablet when doors, windows or drawers are opened or closed by placing Multi-Sensors on them
  • Receive an alert on your phone when movement is detected in your home with the SmartSense Motion Sensor
  • Attach Motion Sensors to drawers containing medicine, cleaning products or knives to prevent children coming in harms way
  • Pop a Presence Sensor into school bags, so you know when your children are safely home from school
  • Rest easy knowing your home security won’t be compromised thanks to secure wireless ZigBee network
  • Control lights, small appliances and other electronics via the Power Outlet
  • Use the Power Outlet to trigger other devices – such as cameras or alarms – with moisture detection

Did you know? The SmartThings Starter Kit includes the hub, Motion Sensor, Multi-Sensor, Presence Sensor and Power Outlet.

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Take your home security to the next level with the latest smart tech