Secure your home in a few simple steps with smart tech

Take your home security to the next level for National Home Security Month. Here’s how…

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Smart technology is here to stay – and it’s not just for controlling the heating and streaming your favourite tunes. Now you can keep an eye on your home security a lot easier than it sounds thanks to smart technology.

In a few simple steps you can do everything from talking to the postman from your office to checking the kids have got home safe.

Main benefits of smart security

  • See what’s happening inside and outside your home
  • Get notifications whenever doors and windows are opened or motion is detected
  • Answer the door from your smartphone with a video doorbell


Nest Cam security cameras

In a nutshell: Monitor who’s in and outside your home with security cameras that stream footage to your smartphone

Nest IQ

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera offers indoor and outdoor monitoring, sending an alert to your Apple or Android device and streaming through its full HD camera.

Simple to set up, it tracks the source of movement around the room and gives you a crystal-clear view.

With Nest Cam IQ you can…

  • Attach it your wall, table or ceiling to detect movement at any pace
  • See your home with excellent clarity with Full HD recording and infrared night vision
  • Detect sound in your home and speak to people from your phone using the 2-way microphone
  • Compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Get the Nest Cam IQ 

Nest Outdoor Camera

Want to know what’s happening on the other side of the wall? Then check out the Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera.

Like the Nest IQ it offers HD footage and alerts – plus a few extras for easy outdoor usage. Features include:

  • Alerts of unexpected sounds and movements
  • Password-protected footage streaming with your neighbours that you can later share with police
  • A bigger picture with a 130° wide-angle lens
  • Clear view in all light conditions with night vision
  • Quick footage review and zooming with Sightline

Check out the Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera

Did you know? By subscribing to Nest Aware you can look back at footage from up to 30 days ago. You can even set up important ‘zones’ – such as paths or driveways.


Ring Video Doorbell

In a nutshell: Your own personal butler – see who’s at the door from your smartphone

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell has a discreet built-in camera, which begins recording when motion is detected. Everything you need for installation is in the box and set-up is easy – simply download the Ring app to get started.

With the Ring Doorbell you can…

  • Receive alerts to your smart device when motion is detected outside
  • See who’s at the door with video streaming and 180° field of view
  • Speak with people on your doorstep when you’re out – no more missed parcels from the postman
  • Clearly see guests visiting at night with infrared recording

Get the Ring Video Doorbell


Swann Security System

In a nutshell: This multiple-camera system offers up to 8 viewpoints, as well as heat and motion detectors for increased security

Swann Security System

The Swann 8-Channel Security System keeps an eye on your home and records footage from up to 8 angles - this bundle offers 4 cameras but you can add up to 4 more for added protection. And via the HomeSafe View app, you can easily view footage remotely.

With the Swann security system you can…

  • Record footage for up to a year with the ‘set and forget’ feature and 4 built-in cameras
  • Receive security alerts straight to your smartphone
  • Eliminate false triggers caused by the weather with the accurate motion detection

Did you know? You can add additional Swann cameras to monitor your premises from up to 8 viewpoints.

Get the Swann Security System


Samsung SmartThings

In a nutshell: This complete kit has everything you need to get your smart home security goingSamsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings boasts everything you need for the perfect smart home.

With an array of sensors and monitors, it makes controlling your smart network a breeze. It even lets you connect all your devices together and control them through its app.

It’s also compatible with non-Samsung products so you’re not just limited to one manufacturer.

With SmartThings you can

  • Get notifications on your smartphone when movement is detected and doors, windows or drawers are opened
  • Attach Motion Sensors to drawers containing medicine, cleaning products or knives for child protection
  • Pop a Presence Sensor into school bags, so you know when your children are safely home from school
  • Control lights, appliances and other electronics via the Power Outlet
  • Use the Power Outlet to trigger other cameras or alarms

Did you know? The SmartThings Starter Kit includes the hub, Motion Sensor, Multi-Sensor, Presence Sensor and Power Outlet.

Get the SmartThings starter kit


Take your home security to the next level with the latest smart tech