Smart gadgets your family will love

Smart tech is transforming the way we heat, light and secure our homes. Help a loved one make their home smarter with these gifts…

21 Oct 2016



These high-tech versions of everyday gadgets connect to your home Wi-Fi and often a smartphone app to save you time, effort and in some cases cash. With some surveys suggesting smarter homes are more appealing to buyers, these gadgets make a truly thoughtful Christmas gift.


Nest thermostat

What’s so smart about it? Automatically adjusts your heating around your daily routine to save energy. 

The Nest thermostat 3rd Generation will change the way you control your heating and help you use less energy. It learns when you’re home and away, and how you use your heating to create a personalised program that runs itself.

Why we love Nest…

  • Control your heating from your smartphone – turn it up from the bus on a cold day
  • Remembers when you turn the heating down at night or up after work and programs itself
  • It turns itself down when you leave the house using built-in sensors and your phone’s GPS

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Ring video doorbell

What’s so smart about it? See and speak to your visitors using your phone or tablet

You can answer your door from your smartphone with the Ring doorbell. See who is on the doorstep on your phone app thanks to the doorbell’s built-in camera that starts recording when its sensors detect movement.

Why we love Ring…

  • Speak to guests at your door using the doorbell’s speakers and microphone
  • When away you’re alerted when someone calls at your home
  • See clearly after dark with night vision recording

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Ring doorbell

Nest Protect smoke alarm

What’s so smart about it? Clever sensors detect whether you have smoke or fire and tell you in spoken words  

When did you last buy a new smoke alarm? Official guidelines recommend replacing them every 10 years or before. But today’s smart smoke alarms are a big improvement on older models. Nest Protect can pick up on signs of both slow-burning and fast-burning fires by looking for subtle changes in light.

Why upgrade to Nest Protect?

  • Human voice explains the problem – is it smoke in the kitchen or an actual fire? Sensors tell the difference
  • Silence the alarm from your smartphone – and get phone alerts if it goes off
  • Tests its own batteries and sensors every day so you don’t have to

Get the Nest Protect smoke alarm

Nest Smoke alarm

Canary all-in-one security camera

What’s so smart about it? Stream footage of your home at any time of the day or night from anywhere

As the name suggests, this all-rounder rolls a burglar alarm and security camera into one clever package. You get instant notification on your phone when the sensors are tripped, as well as a direct video link to your property so you can see exactly what’s happening. 

Why we love Canary…

  • Keep an eye on your home when you’re away with the wide-angle camera
  • Sound a 90-decibel alarm if you’re worried about something
  • Easy to set up – you’ll be ready to go in just 3 simple steps


Amazon Echo

What’s so smart about it? Controlling your smart home gadgets is easy with this voice-assistant speaker

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled, hands-free wireless speaker that can both stream Spotify and help you organise your home life. It’s powered by the Alexa voice assistant – you can ask it questions, get calendar updates and dictate shopping lists. But what’s most clever is the way it works with other smart home tech

Why we love Echo…

  • Turn down your heating with your voice using Echo and Nest learning thermostat
  • Dim the lights by asking using Echo and Philips Hue lightbulbs
  • Get news reports, order takeaways and book train tickets using your voice

Get the Amazon Echo

Amazon echo

Tile Keyfinder

What’s so smart about it? No more lost keys, wallets or phones

Sick of being late for work after spending ages searching for your keys, phone or wallet? This handy device makes it easy to find all your most important stuff using your smartphone or tablet.

Why we love Tile…

  • Turn on the 90-decibel alarm from your phone to hear where you’ve put your stuff
  • Lost your phone? Press the button to make it ring – even when it’s on silent

Get the Tile KeyFinder


Sphero Force

What’s so smart about it? Learn the ways of the Jedi with this clever wristband 

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Luke Skywalker, the Sphero Force Band will help to show you the ways of the Jedi. We love it because:

  • It allows you to control your very own droid simply by moving your hand – just like a real Jedi
  • Learn to use a lightsabre with the combat training setting

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