Smart homes? It’s all about the Smart city at CES 2018

We’ve heard alot about the Smart home, but what about the Smart city? Bosch ushers in a new era at CES in Las Vegas…

08 Jan 2018



Bosch community parking

In recent years the concept of the smart or connected home has been a major story at CES in Las Vegas – take last year when Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice service dominated headlines. 

This year, the smart home extends into the smart or connected city. Bosch demonstrates that the ‘intelligently connected city of tomorrow is already reality today’ by addressing four key challenges: air quality, urban mobility, energy and safety & security. In the words of Stefan Hartung, a member of the board of management at Bosch, ‘the Smart city of the future is no Utopian vision, it is here’.

Read on to see how the connected city will be changing our lives…

Bosch car

Perfect parking partnerships

How frustrating is it trying to find a parking space on a busy afternoon? Going round and round and round, getting annoyed when you finally find a space only to be pipped to the post by someone miraculously appearing from nowhere.

What if we could all work together, rather than competing for the same few spots?

With Bosch’s community-based parking system you can.

This clever technology aims to get you to the nearest parking space ‘safely and quickly’.

How does it work?

People taking part in the parking system share information recorded by sensors in their cars. As cars are driven around, they automatically log empty spaces between parked cars and then share the data anonymously to an in-car map system that shows where the spaces are and directs drivers looking to park their vehicles to them.

As soon as a space is occupied, the map is updated. 20 U.S. cities will be taking part in 2018 saving time, fuel, congestion and the associated stress.

And with 60% of the global population expected to live in a city by 2050, Bosch is also experimenting with automated valet parking. With 3000 engineers working on automated driving the future could be closer than you think.

Bosch Smart City

Something new from something old

There’s something special about traditional manufacturing design – the craftsmanship and functionality of tools you may have worked with for decades. But as we enter the smart era you may think these tools need to be ditched and replaced with something...well, smarter.

Not necessarily. Bosch took a 140-year-old lathe and fitted it with the latest smart technology. Why? To show that you can make old things better with connectivity.

How does it work?

Bosch takes a piece of dumb or non-smart hardware or equipment and wires it up to its IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway that uses sensor technology to monitor performance in real time so whoever is in control of the machine can make the necessary adjustments. To take the example of the lathe, the machinist can slow down or speed up as required by following data on a small screen as they work. 

Think of it like a super-advanced upgrade of the way a Chromecast makes your non-smart TV Netflix-friendly. 

Bosch Roxxter

Ever smarter homes

Robot vacuums are getting more sophisticated with every passing year. The Bosch Roxxter is the ‘new robot revolution’ – and it’s coming this year.

How does it work?

It scans your home and makes a map of it. You can then set it up to clean from anywhere, anytime. Use the app on your phone or tablet to choose the room you want to vacuum. Its direct driven motor brush is super efficient and it’s designed to get into every nook and cranny – even tight right-angle room corners. And with its built-in camera, you can check in on your home while you’re out – even if it’s just to say hello to the dog! You can even control it with your voice via Amazon Alexa.


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