The Ring Door View Cam: your new sixth sense

See who’s at your front door from wherever you are in the world in Full HD quality with the Ring Door View Cam…

09 Jul 2019


Picture this: you’ve just landed in some far-off place, ready to begin the trip of a lifetime. You’re picking your suitcase off the baggage carousel when suddenly you remember…you forgot you had a big, important delivery arriving today. Yikes.

But that’s no bother for you though – you can sort it all out from thousands of miles away thanks to the Ring Door View Cam.

When the courier arrives and rings the doorbell, just whip out your phone and open a live HD video feed from your front door.

“Hello,” you say, “just leave it behind the bin, I’ll grab it later.” Delivery taken. Job done. Back to the trip of a lifetime – safe in the knowledge that you’ll know whenever someone (postman or otherwise) arrives at your front door.

And here’s the thing – this technology doesn’t just exist in your imagination, it’s really here! Let’s see what you get…


The peephole of the future

The Ring Door View Cam replaces your existing peephole with a high-tech, easy-to-install camera. It connects to your Alexa-enabled devices, so you can see who’s outside your door and speak to them at any time, from anywhere in the world.Ring Door View Cam

Crystal-clear clarity

Be treated to 24-hour coverage of the goings-on outside your front door in crystal-clear 1080p HD video. Gone are the days when you had to struggle to make out who was on the other side of the peephole – now you can see and speak to them as if you were really there, all through your smartphone.


Strange goings-on?

The Ring Door View Cam comes with motion sensors that detect suspicious activity. If it sees something dodgy, it’ll send a notification to your phone. So not only does it provide you with a new point of view, but also newfound peace of mind when you’re away from home.


Irony notwithstanding…

If your Ring Door View Cam is stolen, Ring Inc. will replace it free of charge. Ring says it’s just part of its company mission to reduce crime in neighbourhoods – how’s that for putting your money where your mouth is?

Ring Door View Cam

Ding dong, ping

By connecting to Alexa-enabled devices, you’ll receive a notification whenever someone rings your doorbell. So, whether you’re sitting on your sofa, on the bus, in the park, even in a meeting, you’ll know when the postman (or that annoying neighbour) has turned up.


Install in minutes; peace of mind for months

This little guy can be installed with ease, even in a hurry. Just unscrew your peephole and stick it in the gap, then use the tool included in the box to set it up. Piece of cake.

Ring Door View Cam


Is it right for you?

We could all benefit from extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting our home. That’s why the Ring Door View Cam is ideal for anybody and everybody – from busy parents to tenants in high-rise flats.

It’s especially good for people who work away from home or who travel a lot –­ you’ll have complete peace of mind in leaving the house empty for a while. And you can enjoy the Ring Door View Cam even when renting, as it leaves no installation marks behind. Discreet, helpful and doesn’t leave mess behind. Sounds like the ideal roommate…


Ready to upgrade to the front door of the future?

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