Top 10 Smart home devices at CES 2015

A roundup of some of the best Smart home products at CES 2015

09 Jan 2015


The age of the Smart home is well and truly here. There are countless different brands at CES this year offering a vast range of different connected devices, as well as new methods to get them all talking to you, and one another. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best we have seen this year:


1) Samsung SmartThings Hub and Sensors


Bringing together a number of different sensors, including motion and presence sensors, Smart plugs and a moisture sensor to alert you to burst pipes, Samsung SmartThings is going to make your home truly Smart. You can also connect non Samsung devices like the Phillip's Hue and control everything from one app.


2) iCam HD Pro

 I Cam Pro

Winner of the 2015 Best of Innovation award at CES, the iCam HD Pro is the first intelligent home security robot. Able to track sound and movement, it will send you notifications if something or someone is moving around in your home. Great for security, keeping an eye on teenagers left home alone, and ghost hunting!



3) Bosch Home Connect app

Home Connect

The Home Connect app allows you to control, check and maintain your home appliances. You can preheat the oven from the office or check the contents of the fridge from the supermarket. Your appliances also communicate with the app if there is a fault or maintenance issue, so you know exactly what is needed to fix your machine.

4) Misfit Bolt lightbulb

Misfit Bolt

A Smart LED smart light bulb that won't break the bank. The Bolt can wake you up with a gentle sunrise and create lightscapes to dazzle your friends and family. Unlike other Smart lighting on the market, the Bolt does not need a hub, it simply runs off your homes existing WiFi.


5) Mother


Mother And Cookies

A different approach to the smart home, Mother allows you to add Smart sensors it calls "Cookies" to the things in your home that you want to track. You can add a cookie to the fridge to monitor the temperature, keep one in your bed to track your sleeping habits, and even add one to a pot of pills and set up reminders to take them. The Cookies can also be used as fitness trackers.


6) LG Hom Bot robotic vacuum


Lg Hombot

With Dual Eye 2.0 sensors, the LG Hom Bot robotic vacuum learns how often your floors need cleaning and simply gets on with the job. If you have guests staying you can quickly programme the Hom Bot to work overtime! The square design also allows the bot to get right into the corners.



7) Ring video doorbell


Ring streams HD video and audio directly to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world. Unlike other Smart doorbells on the market, you can speak directly to whoever is at your front door - ideal if you order online a lot and are never in to receive the delivery. There is also a motion sensor built in to give you extra piece of mind.


8) Parrot Pot


Ideal for those who love houseplants but don't have green fingers. With a 2.2l water reservoir, the Parrot Pot will keep your houseplants truly happy. As well as watering them to the optimum level, the sensor can also tell you whether or not the plant is getting enough sunlight.


9) WeMo


The ever expanding WeMo smart home range uses your homes WiFi to connect a whole host of devices using the WeMo app. From the original WeMo Smart plugs, through to lightbulbs, humidifiers and even a coffee machine, WeMo boasts one of the largest ranges of Smart home devices controlled by a single app.


10) Stack Alba light bulb

Stack -lighting -alba

Most of the Smart bulbs on the market are called "Smart" because they can be controlled via your Smart phone. However the Alba bulb truly is Smart. With built in sensors the bulb changes colour, from blues hues in the morning and warmer tones in the evening. It will also dim or turn off completely if there is a lot of natural and ambient light.

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