Stu fails – snapping, tagging and sharing etiquette

Avoid cringeworthy situations with our guide to etiquette when snapping, tagging and sharing photos from your student house parties

20 Sep 2013


Smartphones and digital cameras with social sharing features mean your antics can be captured and shared with a potentially infinite audience in seconds.

You life at uni is likely to include many a photo opportunity - new friends, house parties, nights out on the town...

And while, at the time, it may seem like the best idea in the world to capture your best mate in a hilarious predicament, it's not always the wisest move to make (for reasons we'll explain in a bit). So try and practise some damage limitation with the following guide to etiquette when snapping, tagging and sharing photos online to make sure you only capture the moments you REALLY want people to remember in the morning...

Tag everyone or no one

Social media has turned us into a nation of sensitive souls. We're sure you've all known a situation when friends begin commenting on other people's threads but ignoring yours. But that's nothing compared to the shame of going untagged in a photo from a house party where everyone else is named!

The party was kicking and you were talking to loads of people, so how come you've ended up being the nowhere man?

You glance at the photo; everyone in it is tagged up to their eyeballs. And then there is you - 'that guy whose name no one could remember'. How flattering. If you like your friends then don't bestow upon them the same shame and trauma.

Next time you're posting photos from one of your house parties and you see there's someone whose name you can't remember, do the decent thing and tag no one at all.

Don't blow your mate's cover

Girl Partying

We all agree to things we don't want to do sometimes. Say you arranged to go on a date, but forgot it clashes with a party being thrown by those rowdy lads over the road. It's much easier to say yes and not turn up than to have to see someone's sad face when you say no. After all, how are they to know you're out with your mates when you're supposed to be ill in bed?

Oh yeah, Facebook.

You've agreed to go on a date with this guy or girl so we're going to assume you're at least Facebook friends with them? All it takes is for one of your pals to post a pic from the party and tag you in it and it'll be there for all to see - you in all your glory, looking ill but in a truly self-inflicted way.

The jilted guy feels a lot worse than he would if you'd told him no to his face. His mates knew he was going out with you and now he's getting ribbed by them too. Next time, remember: 'just say no'.

Think of the parents

Angry Dad

Everyone is on Facebook these days, including your mum and dad. If you've been kind enough to grant them 'friend' status then remember what you post will pop up on their news feed too.

You may have told them you were staying in on Tuesday night to study, but Facebook could tell a completely different story. Does your dad really need to see you doing shots around your new kitchen table as he tucks into his toast at his? Probably not…

Think of the future

Drunk Partying Man

Your best mate is a straight-A student who plans to be a high-flyer in the city once he's graduated. But that won't happen for years, and at the moment he likes to let his hair down. And that's exactly what he's doing tonight.

Okay, at the time it may seem like a priceless photo opportunity - it's probably pretty funny, and the photo would probably be 'liked' by everyone on your news feed. However, when a future boss trawls through his profile in a couple of years time it might get a different reaction beginning with L - loser.

Don't land your mate in it

You're away from home for the first time, alcohol is flowing and you're around loads of lads and lasses you've only recently met. At the same time, you may have rocked up to uni with a girlfriend or boyfriend at home.

Whether you really were 'just chatting' to that girl or not, a picture of the two of you appearing on Facebook - however innocent - won't go down well with your long-term girlfriend at home. Such snaps can easily make two and two seem like 28, and if you love your girlfriend at home then try not to stand too close to pretty girls when people have their cameras out. You've been warned.

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