Sony at CES 2015

A summary of the amazing technology on offer from Sony at CES 2015

Sony's stand was nearly as impressive as the technology inside it. 20 feet above the ground a large wooden screen encircled the entire stand, on to which Sony projected images, interviews, fun facts and live videos of the demonstrations that were taking place within.

Sony Stand



Whilst the look of the stand was initially breath-taking, it paled in comparison to the 4K Sony Bravia X900C 65" TV, proudly spinning at the front of the stand. The picture quality was second-to-none.

X 900c

Inside the TV is a Sony 4K X1 processor, which analyses all content watched on the TV and upscales it. Android has also finally landed in TVs, with the X900C now running on an Android operating system. You can keep the kids entertained with a multitude of games from the Google Play Store, browse the web using the remote, most Android Smartphones or by simply speaking to the TV. You will also be able to stream over 1400 titles from Sony Pictures.

But the best has been saved until last: All of this technology is housed in a screen 4.9mm thick. That's thinner than the Xperia Z3! It's half, yes half, the thickness of an iPhone 4. Here are the pictures to prove it:




One word: Incredible.

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The Sony SmartWatch 3 had a new addition to the family, in the shape of a stainless steel model, to sit alongside the already released silicone versions. As with the original SmartWatches, the face can be popped out of the strap so you can have versions for both work and play.

Smartwatch 3


There was also the Sony Smart B-Trainer which is a wrap-around headset. As well as being headphones that allow you to listen to music, you can also get in-ear voice motivation. The headset will also track your heart rate and activity, and match your music to the beat of your work out.

Smart B Trainer



With a wide range of multi-room speakers on offer from Sony, the big news was the launch of the new SongPal Link app, available on both Android and iOS, which works with both the current and future ranges of multi room speakers.

It was also announced that the multi-room speakers, soundbars and portable speakers all now supported Google Cast, allowing you to throw music through online radios, streaming services and music saved directly on compatible devices.

Sony Speaker

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The latest Sony 4K Handycam was also on show, and drawing a lot of attention from the crowd. The AX33 is smaller and lighter than it's predecessors, and should be cheaper too! Who needs to stream 4K content when you can just create your own? 

Sony 4k Handycam


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