Spring back in my step

I wasn't exactly full of the joys of spring when I was forced to get up an hour earlier than usual on a Sunday morning, but my outlook for the new season has become gradually sunnier.

Ahhh spring - isn't it lovely?

There's nothing quite like making sure you get a good eight hours sleep before the alarm clock goes off on a Sunday morning. But thanks to British Summer Time and the clocks going forward, I got nothing like my usual ration before I was kicked out of bed to fetch the Sunday papers.

Pretending not to hear before I was kicked again, I gestured lazily at the laptop on the bedside cabinet, suggesting my other half might like to get her dose of the news from there. Nope.

"Fire up the coffee maker and wake yourself up, then bring me the papers," I was instructed. "Oh, and I'll have one as well."

But things started to look brighter once I was out of the house… The only tweeting I'd heard all winter was the witty thoughts of Stephen Fry et al summed up in 140 characters, so it was nice to find some actual birds making their voices heard again.

The long winter evenings offered the chance to wile away the hours watching The Bourne Ultimatum on Blu-ray, trying to soak up Matt Damon's stealthy skills in time for a session on Xbox Live.

Yet with my thumbs suffering from fatigue, the spring has come at just the right time, ushering in a fresh set of gadgets with it.

It's time for me to remember those New Year's resolutions I made all those months ago and kick start the fitness regime.

Running around the park in the fresh spring mornings to the beat of my iPod is much more fun than slipping over in the rain, creating more dirty work for the washing machine.

People do tend to flock to the outdoors as soon as spring arrives. As I'm running around I'll no doubt see an old fella catching a better look at the birds in the high trees using his binoculars, while an amateur photographer looks to get the perfect snap of the sun reflecting on the pond with his digital SLR camera.

That's not to say it is all fun and frolics, there's still some work to be done around the house and the washing machine still gets called into service. But I even secretly enjoy elements of the spring cleaning. Ever since we got a Dyson that moves on a ball I have been whizzing it around corners like it's part of a Scalectrix set. And the whirr from the vacuum cleaner is loud enough to cover my vocal racing car sound effects.

Once the cleaning is finished, you'll be able to find me sipping on a well-earned beer. I'll be reclined, taking in something highly intellectual on my eReader... or just whatever cultured work Andy McNab has penned lately.

So let's look forward to a spring packed with cool drinks, ice cream and lighter evenings enjoying a kickabout with friends down the park. I can always catch up on that hour of lost sleep when the clocks fall back in the autumn.

Do you have any bold plans now the spring has arrived? What gadget will you be making more use of? Comment below…