Tech world turns to Birmingham for Gadget Show Live

Tech hacks and industry professionals have descended upon Birmingham’ for the Gadget Show Live

02 Apr 2013


Tech hacks and industry professionals have descended upon Birmingham's NEC for the Gadget Show Live 2013.


Tuesday sees the GSL Professional day held for press and trade where we get a sneak peek at the carousel of gadgets, exhibits and all-round entertainment which opens to the masses on Wednesday.

Stick with us on Twitter via @curryspcworld and at the Tech Talk site over the next two days as we deliver a veritable feast of tech loveliness in the form of words, video, pictures and tweets.

Tech for the home - and on the go

We hope to be getting to grips with some convertible laptops at the Lenovo stand and some smarter than smart TVs with the guys from LG. Lenovo will also be showing off its 27inch tabletop PC, the IdeaCentre Horizon - which we waxed lyrical about while at the International CES in Vegas in breathless copy and awestruck video.

The Horizon is all about getting the family together round the table and it comes as our homes become increasingly connected.

To this end, Microsoft will be showing us how we can synchronise content across all our devices, while the Xbox SmartGlass will transform our tablet or phone into a remote control - pretty damn nifty.

As well as tablets capable of turning off the telly, we'll also be hearing predictions for the top future trends in home technology as well as checking out the best tablets and laptops around according to the GSL Review.

Jaw-dropping future tech

Of course we'll give you the lowdown on the weird and wonderful gadgets that rack up hits online and send our jaws plummeting to the ground.

Among these will be a family of house-shaped lamps which can be sent to loved ones wherever they live in the world. Once you switch on the big lamp the little ones come on too - no matter where they are. 

There'll also be a £12,000 robot with humanlike gestures and movements, while the Sphericam will allow you to photograph or record 360 degree images.

Health tech to beat the post-Easter slump

If Easter has been a four-day onslaught of chocolate eggs and movies then you may be interested in Tinke - a mobile lifestyle sensor which connects to your iPhone to monitor fitness and stress levels.

Joypads at the ready

There'll also be quite a bit of gaming going on too, with pro joypad warriors giving demos and bedroom gamers taking part in mass competitions.

Gamers will be able to try out titles that are yet to launch, such as Resident Evil Revelations. And a number of new games will launch at the event. 


This is just a snapshot of what's going on. We've wasted enough time chatting - we better crack on.
NEC here we come - see you at the other side.