Technology´s Olympic heroes

18 Mar 2011


If you've applied for tickets to London 2012 then checking your inbox for news on which events you'll be going to see may have become an Olympic sport in its own right. So why not kill a few minutes by asking yourself the question: If Usain Bolt were a laptop, which would he be?

Sprinter Usain Bolt is an Olympic hero

This may seem like a strange question, but the countdown clock to London 2012 in Trafalgar Square is now ticking… well, sometimes. While we wait to see our heroes on the track, in the pool and racing round the velodrome, now is the time to recognise technology's Olympic heroes.

With sprinter Usain Bolt holding the position of triple world and Olympic champion, any laptop compared to him is going to have be pretty nifty - and a bit of a looker, too. So with appearance, shape and speed high on the agenda we opted for the ultra-hip Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

Offering a fast processor and oodles of storage space, this Apple MacBook fires-up with as much ferocity as Usain leaving the starting blocks. And it looks pretty slick, too.

When it comes to swimming, Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington is as good as anyone. Adlington is noted for her versatility, strength and grace, so her electrical equivalent has to be a winner.

Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is just that. Offering users a raft of options such as listening to music, watching films or surfing the web, the Galaxy Tab has versatility in spades. Its slender design means it's graceful too.

Sir Chris Hoy won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and his bike looks like something from Back To The Future - so whatever appliance matches him needs to be high-tech and come with a top spec. The Dyson Air is the perfect choice. It is round for a start, and it employs stacks of innovative technology as well as taking 350 engineers around four years to complete.

When it comes to pulling on the boxing gloves, middleweight Anthony Ogogo is a rising star. Many commentators have tipped him for Olympic success, so we need something that is tough and able to go the distance - like a Bosch dishwasher.

Not only is this great  dishwasher tough enough to lift the most stubborn of gravy stains off your dishes, it also offers innovative water and energy saving features to ensure you'll have bags of energy left when the bill rings again.

Diver Tom Daley may only be a teenager but he is a double Commonwealth champion. His sport demands acrobatic excellence and supreme coordination as he dives from heights of up to 10 metres.

During the long drop it's crucial he holds his shape and remains focused, meaning a Nikon digital camera is the perfect match for him, with its image stabilisation function and sports mode.

If you want a good all-rounder, look no further than heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis. With her excellence across running, throwing and jumping, our electrical Ennis needed to tick a few boxes - and the Sony Vaio does just that. This Sony all-in-one PC has masses of storage for music and films, cutting-edge multimedia applications and a swanky touchscreen.

Three-time world champion gymnast Beth Tweddle has to be pretty flexible and dainty when working on the uneven bars, so there is only one product that will do her justice - the cordless phone. Whether you're balancing on the bars or just wandering around the house, Siemens cordless phones will allow you to chat at the same time.

So, which Olympic appliance has taken your fancy, and who do you think will bring home a gold medal? Comment below…