TechTalk lands for CES 2013 – Viva Las Vegas

The all-singing, all dancing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) rolls into Las Vegas, and we´re here to give you the lowdown

06 Jan 2013


The saying goes 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', but in true Sin City spirit, rules are made to be broken, right? So we're going to share with you every morsel, every secret of the next five days of tech action from the city where pretty much anything goes.


Everyone knows Vegas means good times and gambling, but each January it's another two Gs which take precedence - gadgets and geeks.

Because the all-singing, all dancing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) rolls into town with a plethora of gadgets so glittering, so glamorous they'd put even the Cirque De Soliel dancers at Mandalay Bay to shame.

All the big guns are going viva Las Vegas, with reps ranging from Lenovo to LG preparing to unveil the gadgets set to change our lives. LG stands for Life's Good and in Vegas, baby, it really is. So if you're wanting the inside line on the TVs, tablets, cameras and laptops that will be blowing our minds in 2013 and beyond then get on the tide with our TechTalk website for all the latest gossip.

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CES 2013 will deliver tech as jaw-dropping as Vegas' lauded hotels, with the rumour mill going into overdrive and leaving us hot and bothered with talk of 4K TVs, TV tablets, touchscreen monitors and what Samsung has so far only described as a 'true innovation'.

But we still have hours until the tech party gets under way, so we're going back into battle on the strip to take a closer look at some of those aforementioned iconic hotels. From the Mandalay to New York, New York, the strip puts some of the most impressive hotels in the world together on one street. And they don't come much more impressive than our home for the week - the Luxor, which crams a shed-load of hedonism and excess within its pyramid walls. Yep, we did say pyramid. The Luxor is themed on ancient Egypt, a giant black pyramid rising from the desert amid a sea of skyscrapers, a sphinx standing guard on the door. Which is what I can see now as I sit here writing this blog post. The ancient Egyptians were true innovators, so perhaps it's fitting this Vegas tribute to them oversees the unveiling of the most innovative products of our times, and provides a place for many of the minds behind the gadgets of 2013 to rest their heads.

But enough romanticising about past civilisations, it's all about the here and now and the epic gathering of unashamed tech geeks that gets under way on Monday.

The clock is ticking. But until then, I'm hitting the Strip.