The 4 biggest stories from E3

E3 brings thousands of gamers to LA, all of them ready to hear the latest news from the biggest names in gaming. Here are the big stories from E3 2017…

14 Jun 2017



After three days of announcements, trailers and demos, E3 is over. All the major players in the gaming world were in attendance, and they all had plenty to say at this year’s expo.

So, here’s a quick look at the biggest stories from E3 2017.


1. Xbox One X: the world’s most powerful console

Microsoft have been busy working on ‘Project Scorpio’ since the release of the Xbox One. Finally, at their near two-hour long conference this year, their hard work was revealed with the Scorpio launched under the new name of the Xbox One X. 

The console is the most powerful ever built, promising true 4K running at 60fps, and is seen as an upgrade on the most recent iteration of the Xbox One console – the Xbox One S. All future games will work on the Xbox One S and will be ‘enhanced on Xbox One X’. The new console is available from 7 November 2017.

Xbox One X

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Alongside the console, Xbox also announced their backwards compatibility program will be extending to original Xbox games, making fans of Crimson Skies particularly happy.


2. Nintendo announces Metroid Prime 4 (and a whole lot more)

Nintendo may not have had the longest time-slot at the expo, but they crammed a whole lot in.

The big highlight came in a title screen for Metroid Prime 4, which is currently in development for the Switch. If that’s not enough for Metroid fans, Metroid: Samus Returns will be launched for the Nintendo 3DS this September. 

As well as this, Nintendo showed off more of the brilliant looking Super Mario Odyssey, announced DLC for Breath of the Wild and confirmed Game Freak are working on a Pokémon RPG for the Switch. It’s an exciting time to be a Switch owner

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3. Virtual reality is more real than ever

Virtual reality is still growing, but it had a big presence at this year’s show. A vast number of games were announced for the PlayStation VR, including a few big names from Bethesda.

Alongside announcing Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda revealed Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR. Keep an eye out for Transference, a VR horror game created by Ubisoft and Spectre Vision (owned by Elijah Wood). It could be a terrifying VR gem in the near future.

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4. PlayStation’s Spiderman looks incredible

We’ll end our list with a game that Sony used to end their conference – Spider-man for PlayStation 4.PS

The game is being made by Insomniac Games, the team behind Sunset Overdrive. And you can see the brilliant, slick movement from that game has been brought straight into Spider-man. A gameplay demo showed everything from fighting, to web-slinging and some crane-saving action, and it wowed the LA crowd. Expect this PlayStation 4 exclusive to be a big hit when it comes out in 2018.

Those are some of our highlights from this year’s E3 expo, but it only scratches the surface. Other gems include BioWare’s Anthem, Metro Exodus, God of War, Monster Hunter World and the chaotic looking ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

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