The best of the Gadget Show Live – from PS4 to printed 3D heads

Surface tablets and far-out 3D head printing at Microsoft stand, Xbox One and PS4 in gaming zone and Sonos speakers and Samsung 4K TVs - all in all a grand day out at Gadget Show Live @ Christmas...

Play Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before they come out, have your head printed as a 3D model by Microsoft and catch up with Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury.

All in a day's work, if you're at Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

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We were among the thronging crowds of gadget disciples, trying out the latest tech at Earl's Court in central London.

Among the questions for which people sought answers were: Do I prefer Xbox One or PS4? Is 4K TV as amazing as they say? And what on earth is 3D printing?

Those who made their way to the capital could find the answer to them all. First let's tell you all about the 3D printing, because it really was a head turner (literally).

Microsoft prints people's heads in 3D 

3D Printouts At Microsoft Stand (small)

Teenagers queued to have their head printed in 3D plastic at the Microsoft stand. Microsoft was using its own Kinect camera and Windows 8.1 - as well as a 3D printer.

Tech research boffins Gartner said worldwide sales of 3D printers will grow 49% this year - and if the reaction on the Microsoft stand to the little plastic "mini me's" was anything to go by, they're probably right!

Robert Epstein, product manager for Microsoft Windows, said 3D printing showed the power of what Windows 8.1 can do - and it was pretty jaw-dropping.

A notebook PC running Windows 8.1 was rigged up to a Kinect scanner.

Rob said they were using this to take "real-time 3D scans of people".

In his own words: "We sit them on a bar stool, we turn them around and we get a complete 3D image of their head."
He said because Windows 8.1 supports 3D printing native, they were able to connect it to a 3D printer and "print little mini me's of the people we're scanning".

Samsung 4K TVs - even technophobes think they're 'amazing'

Samsung 55inch UHD TV 2 - F9000

At Samsung's trailer we found some seriously swanky TVs. 4K TVs, recently re-branded UHD, offers four times the resolution of regular HD TVs.

The result - a picture which is simply eye-popping. Even my colleague, famed for having little interest in tech and greeting latest developments with a withering sigh, said "that is amazing".

We first introduced you to the mammoth 85inch S9 set at CES in Las Vegas, and it looked equally jaw dropping in sunny Earl's Court. Mountains were majestic, skies crystal clear, skyscapers simply stunning. The same quality picture was also found on the Samsung F9000 TV - another 4K set.

Microsoft shows off tablet that's as good for work as it is for play

Surface Pro 2 On Microsoft Stand

This Christmas will be all about tablets, and Microsoft's new Surface tablets were getting some serious attention on its stand.

People were queuing up to try and the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2; we had to wait a good 10 minutes to get a play with one.

So what makes the Surface tablets so great?

Well take the Surface Pro 2. It's as goof for work as it is play.

How, why? Because it's basically a high-end PC squeezed into a tiny tablet body.

It runs a full version of the Windows 8.1 operating system, and can run full versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So as well as browsing the web and watching videos, you can work from the sofa.

Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury told us he loved the Surface Pro 2, for both gaming and doing work.
He said: "I can do all my Office, I can do my PowerPoint, and spreadsheets and stuff - it's brilliant."

Crowds flock to play PS4

The Majestic , Magnificent Play Station 4 (small)

In a matter of weeks, we'll be in the midst of an almighty console war. Sony and Microsoft's next-gen machines will go up against each other for the Christmas gaming crown.

PS4 has been referred to as the gamers' choice, it boasts features such as sharing gameplay via Facebook, and has no restrictions games.

We shot an exclusive video explaining exactly what PS4 offers to games - vital information for gamers weighing up between the machines. Stay tuned to Tech Talk for the video and blog on what the PlayStation marketing boss had to say. 

At Gadget Show Live gamers were putting PS4 through its paces on around 20 consoles, with games such as Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Flower impressing the crowds. 

Gamers get to grips with Xbox One

Xbox One Box

Xbox rocked up to Gadget Show Live with a few of its next-gen consoles and a pimped-up Xbox van. Gamers thronged around the stand for a first go on the new Xbox One.

The console has been dubbed an "all-round entertainment hub" for the living room by Microsoft. As well as playing games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed 4, they can watch TV and chat on Skype.

But it was the gaming folk were most keen on at Gadget Show Live @ Christmas, checking out Fifa 14 and others on the machine ahead if its UK launch.

Sonos Play:1 - 'incredible, room filling sound'

Sonos Play (1) (small)

We then took a stroll to the Sonos stand, where we found the diminutive Play:1 wireless speaker.

Sonos makes wireless speakers that stream music directly from the internet - services such as Spotify, Napster and many more - without you having to have a laptop or tablet switched on. They're almost like mini computers, and can be linked up to one another around your house - creating a home network.

To get this working you need to connect your speakers to your wireless router, or to the Sonos Bridge.
The Bridge is being given away with every Play:1 bought at the moment.

So, why might you want a Play:1?

There are two main reasons: Firstly, if you're looking for your first Sonos speaker, this an ideal way to begin your network, second - if you have an existing network and want to expand it into smaller rooms such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Ed Bibbey from Sonos said for its small size and price, you'll get "incredible, room-filling sound".

Did you make it to The Gadget Show Live @ Christmas? Tell us your favourite moment or gadget in the comments section below...