The best tech from Mobile World Congress

Flagship phones from Samsung and LG, an update on the HTC Vive and a pioneering personal assistant from Sony - here’s our round-up from Mobile World Congress…

22 Feb 2016


The Mobile World Congress tech show is now under way in Barcelona – here are the gadgets making the headlines…


Cutting-edge cameras and waterproofing with Samsung Galaxy S7 phones

Ever spill a drink near your phone? Or want to store more photos on it than it will let you?

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones are water resistant and have the potential to add more storage through a MicroSD slot

Samsung brought back these popular features after leaving them off the Galaxy S6 phones.

The S7s also feature an improved rear camera for better results when taking photos in low-light.

The screen is ‘always-on’. This means even when your phone is off, the time, date and notifications will still be visible. So you can stay on top of what’s going on without having to unlock your phone.

The S7 is Samsung’s premium flagship model. The S7 Edge boasts similar features and design but adds a curved screen that can display useful information along a side panel.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Everything you need to know

Tablet that’s like a laptop from Huawei

Like the idea of having a tablet that can do all the same stuff as a laptop? You’ll like the Huawei MateBook. 

Basically, it’s a powerful tablet that you can attach a wireless keyboard too for all kinds of laptop action.

Importantly, it runs the Windows 10 operating system, meaning you can work in programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint from your tablet.

It’s incredibly thin and light – at 6.9mm thin and just 360g, it’s built for life on the road. It can be so light thanks to the Intel Core M processor, which allows the design to be fanless.


Customise your phone with the ‘modular’ LG G5

LG showed off its new flagship phone, the LG G5, which can be customised with add-on parts. It’s what’s called a modular phone.

You can pull out the bottom of the phone and plug in accessories to improve taking photos or listening to music.

That aside, there are other great features – including an always-on display for checking the time without having to wake up the phone.

Smartphone photographers will love the two rear cameras – one of which is designed for wide-angle shots of scenery or groups of friends.


HTC shows off consumer edition of Vive VR headset 

Virtual reality, or VR as it is better known, is one of the biggest tech trends of 2016.

A new generation of virtual reality headsets are set to launch over the coming months, transforming experiences like gaming and movie-watching. 

One of these is the HTC Vive, and at Mobile World Congress HTC showed off the consumer edition of the VR headset.

The Vive has been made in partnership with gaming company Valve. Pre-orders for HTC Vive begin February 29.

Hands on with the HTC Vive at CES 2016


Film video for your VR headset with Samsung’s 360° camera  

Samsung also makes a VR headset – the Gear VR.

It showed it off at MWC, and also launched a camera that can record 360° footage to play back on a VR headset.

The Gear 360 looks like a tiny spaceship, with its spherical design and tripod legs – and it’s definitely boasting some pretty far-out tech.

Inside are dual fisheye lenses with 15 megapixel image sensors. You can shoot 360, or 180-degree wide-angle video.

It’s designed to work with Samsung smartphones from last year’s S6 range to the newly launched S7s.


Sony’s virtual assistant for your ear

Do you get annoyed by having to check your phone for calendar updates and suchlike?

You’ll love Sony’s new virtual assistant – the Xperia Ear. The small, wireless device sits behind your ear and then connects with your smartphone.

You’re then reminded about upcoming appointments, changes in the weather and any other relevant news. You can also talk back – to search the web, place a call or get directions to your next meeting.