The best tech from the T3 Awards

Here’s a round-up of all the best tech from this year’s T3 Awards

Want to see some of the biggest gadgets of the year? Look no further than the winners of the annual T3 Awards.

Known as the Oscars of the tech world, the ceremony in London saw big brands including Apple, Olympus and Sony receive gongs for everything from games consoles to tablets and cameras.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the winning products and explain exactly what makes them stand out from the competition.

Best camera – Olympus EM5 MK II


T3 judges praised this camera for managing to balance retro looks with an impressive array of up-to-the-minute features in one easy-to-use package.

The EM5 MK II comes with a huge 16.1 megapixel sensor to give great image quality, while built-in Wi-Fi means you can share pics pretty much straight after you’ve taken them.

It’s also got a load of smart features designed to make taking photos easier, including an ultra-fast auto-focus system that helps you to capture moving objects.

Gaming product of the year – Sony PS4

PS4_White _05_1402366723


With powerful processors, great graphics and an unrivalled set of games, it’s no wonder the PS4 won this award for the second year running.

Other favourite features include the PS4’s social capabilities. These let gamers record their play in action and share the footage with friends, whether it’s an awesome goal on a footie game or an incredible stunt on Tony Hawk’s Pro.

Laptop or tablet of the year – iPad Air 2


It’s been around for about a year now, but the iPad Air 2 still manages come out on top when compared to its rivals.

The thinnest, fastest and most powerful Apple tablet to date, the iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thin. It packs plenty of power too though. Switching between e-mail, Facebook and your favourite film is a breeze thanks to the speedy A8X processor.

And, when you’re streaming media, the Retina screen has been improved on the previous model to give a bright picture with more vibrant colours. It packs in a massive 3.1 million pixels.

You can access your apps and documents simply by pressing your finger to the home button thanks to the much-anticipated Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

TV of the year – LG EC970V

The latest TV technology is 4K Ultra HD, and this year it has made great strides to become more living-room friendly.

So it’s no surprise a 4K UHD set was named TV of the Year. What is a surprise is this TV also uses the other main display technology, OLED.

As the name suggests, 4K TVs have 4 times the resolution of ordinary HD sets, meaning you get a sharper picture quality made up of more than 8 million pixels.

Netflix and Amazon are already on board with the 4K revolution, but many models also use a built-in processor to give a better picture on shows or films that are not 4K compatible.

OLED technology meanwhile creates deep blacks and bright whites, and allows for pencil-thin design. With 4K and OLED in the same set, LG doesn’t agree with the phrase ‘you can’t have everything’.

Home technology award – Works with Nest

Works with Nest is tech that links up all the different applications in your home and allows you to control them remotely.

You can control lights, blinds and temperature with a single app, turn your sprinklers on at the touch of a button and set the garage door to open as you approach.

Comparing this tech to the homes in futuristic cartoon The Jetsons, judges hailed Works with Nest.

Gadget of the year – Apple Watch


It can hardly be surprising the Apple Watch, possibly the most talked about gadget this year, won this gong, as well as taking the title for wearable tech of the year.

Pay for your shopping simply by tapping your wrist against readers in store, keep track of how many miles you walk a day and send and receive messages and calls from your iPhone.

What’s more, you can get directions as you walk down the street and ask questions using your voice.  

The watch is easy to get around too thanks to its clever Digital Crown – twist it to zoom in and out of maps, or to scroll down pages. Press it to go to your apps menu. Apple Watch looks beautiful too, as you’d expect from Apple.  

Track your fitness, pay for your shopping and more with the Apple Watch