The best tech of IFA 2016 roundup

IFA is Europe’s largest consumer electronics show, and we’ve been trawling through the hallowed halls of Messe Berlin to uncover the most exciting tech. This is what you need to know about in the run up to the Christmas shopping…

05 Sep 2016



Sony MDR-1000X wireless headphones

In a nutshell: High-quality, noise-cancelling, wireless, over-ear headphones.

Sony’s newest wireless headphones are a cut above the rest. Not only are they fitted with top class noise-cancelling technology, but you can turn the function on and off as you please. By pressing down on the outside of the cuff when you’re listening to music, you’ll be able to temporarily dismiss the noise-cancelation and hear the world around you. Perfect if you’re commuting and need to listen out for your stop.

Sony headphones 

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound speakers

In a nutshell: Multi-room, 360° speakers from one of the world’s leading audio companies.

It’s no secret that Bang & Olufsen is well versed in crafting high quality speakers, but the Danish company is also committed to making them look amazing, too. Take for example the new BeoSound 360-degree speakers, designed to look like the bell of a trumpet (or so we’re told). 

The smart speakers come in two different sizes, and can be controlled wirelessly or by a track pad mounted on the top. The smaller of the two has a 12-hour battery life and can be taken anywhere and everywhere for outstanding audio on the move.

Bang & Olufsen

Acer Predator range

In a nutshell: Super-powered computers for gamers that need the extra juice. 

Acer has well and truly settled into the computer gaming world with its new range of Predator notebooks and desktop monitors. The high-powered computers are more than capable of supporting the most demanding of games, graphics, and programmes, and look pretty awesome at the same time.


HP Elite Slice

In a nutshell: A DIY modular computer for those without a degree in computer engineering.

The Elite Slice from HP is an awesome bit of kit - perfect for those that want to decide exactly their computer needs. The modular components, including the main hard drive, CD drive, and Bang & Olufsen speakers, can be stacked together, creating a simplistic, customisable experience.


Samsung Gear S3

In a nutshell: The next generation of Samsung’s leading smartwatch, now smarter than ever.

Samsung’s had a pretty big presence here at IFA, but one of the most exciting announcements was the Gear S3. Following on from 2015’s Gear S2, the new wearable is water-resistant, has GPS tracking, and an inbuilt speedometer. Perfect for those who are after keeping tabs on their extreme sport times, or just the occasional jog, maybe? 

Samsung Gear S3

That’s it for another year in Berlin. To read more about IFA 2016, follow the link.