The best tech to make student halls feel more like home

Make your child's first year halls feel more like home with these gadgets for the move to uni...

23 Aug 2018


Leaving home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. While there are some changes they’ll look forward to, there are also some home comforts they won’t want to leave behind.

So what things can they bring to make their uni accommodation feel like a home from home?

A reliable laptop

1. Reliable laptop

Whether they’re studying classics, science or history, they’ll need the right laptop. But a laptop isn’t just for getting work done – it’s also for keeping them connected and having fun when they’re not doing coursework.

  • A laptop with a high-spec webcam makes video calls home to family and friends easy – it’s like a virtual trip home
  • Everything’s faster with a solid state drive (SSD). Programs load quickly and work is saved speedily, so getting back to chill time is easy
  • A hard-drive provides back-up for all their hard work – but also for all their memories. A top storage spot for all their photos transitioning from home to uni.

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2. Television

Whether they’ve got a common space to hang out in or they prefer to relax in their room, a TV set will make them feel right at home.

Regardless of where the TV goes, make sure there’s enough space for it before you buy.

You can also connect a TV to your laptop as a second screen, so you can go from work to play in one smooth move.

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Portable speakers

3. Portable speakers

Whether it’s to unwind after a day of lectures or get the party started, they’ll want their favourite playlists on shuffle. And while space can be limited, you wont have to worry about that with a compact portable speaker.

There’s a wide range out there that are:

  • Sleek and slimline for taking outdoors and easy packing up at the end of term
  • Voice-controlled - great if they're busy doing jobs around the flat
  • Bluetooth, so anyone can have a go at playing DJ
  • And even waterproof – great for park or garden gatherings

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Extension cord

4. Extension cord

Not the most thrilling item, we’ll admit, but an absolute lifesaver in university halls or shared housing. When it comes to sockets, there either isn’t enough or they’re all in the wrong place.

An extension cord or two gives them the freedom to setup the room the way that’s comfortable for them.

Make sure they’re never left in search of a plug socket


5. Toaster

A home isn’t a home without certain kitchen appliances. good toaster is many students’ go-to during their busy first year as they rush from place to place, snack in hand.

Beans on toast or a slice with butter and jam on the way to lectures is a staple for many students – so set them up right with a handy four-slicer.

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6. Kettle

Coffee-fuelled mornings and winter evenings in with a mug of hot chocolate go hand-in-hand with uni students of all ages. So, a good, reliable kettle is a kitchen necessity. 

It’ll help them through all those late nights studying – and the morning after the night before. Plus, sometimes they’ll just want to cosy up with a cuppa while they Skype with with family and friends.

There are plenty to choose from, whether they want something snazzy to spruce to the kitchen or something nice and compact to keep beside their bed. Coffee on stand-by in the morning is always handy!

Get the perfect kettle for them, no matter the shape or size


Wave them off to uni with all the tech they’ll need