The Gadget Golden Oldies VS the Nifty Newcomers

It’s truly mind-boggling to think how far technology has developed in such a short space of time. It was less than 50 years ago when televisions first started to appear in every privileged home and just 34 years since the launch of the first Apple computer.

That’s a fairly conceivable length of time for anyone alive today – just think back to your first mobile phone and remember the days before predictive text, touchscreens and apps (depending on how far back you dare to go)! The name ‘Smartphone’ hardly does any justice to modern-day mobile phones. As far as I’m concerned, they should be called ‘Pocket Everythings’!

How did we ever survive in the big bad world before Google Maps, Shazam and animated smiley-face icons? No matter what your age, you should be able to comprehend how much your favourite gadget has been improved and therefore have some appreciation for the speed at which the men in white coats at the tech labs around the world move today.

Although the modern day television was invented as far back as the late 1920’s, WW2 prevented television broadcast until 1948 and it was another 20 years until the BBC started broadcasting in colour. So when pensioner Derek Wills’ ancient 1968 model telly survived the rapid developments to video then DVD, Blu-ray and most recently the digital switchover (without a single repair needed!), one can only say kudos to Mitsubishi for creating probably one of the most futureproof appliances of its time!

Derek Wills watched his big box proudly for 42 years until finally giving in to the pull of the flat-screen HD telly last year. He paid the equivalent of £4000 for the telly back when it was one of the first colour televisions in Britain and it’s baffling to think that just forty years later we’re well into the flat-screen era with 3D home entertainment an affordable reality. Next in the visual entertainment queue, set to blow the mind of the modern consumer are 3D goggles for watching video and playing 3D games on iPod Touch and iPhone, due to launch soon in the US for less than $30 a piece!

In 1976 Apple launched it’s first ever computer, the Apple 1. Christies of London are currently auctioning the relic for an estimated £150,000 after it sold for $666.66 in the US back in the 70’s and was posted from the garage of Apple Co-Founder and CEO, Steven Jobs, parents’ house!

Today we are confronted with what is heralded to be the last computer you ever need to buy’ which launches early next year. The 4-inch cube by Xi3 Corporation is supposedly upgradeable an infinite number of times and is likely to outlast the human lifespan.

Life in general might’ve been easier back then but I’m not sure I’d go back to the days of double-tapping my mobile keys in order to get the letter I need or to having to tune the TV manually to all the sixteen available channels. Thanks to the ‘technology Gods’, we’ll never miss an episode of Eastenders or have to suffer the boredom of the daily commute again! And thanks to Dixons, you can find all the latest and greatest electronics here with all the facts so you never become overwhelmed at the choice!

Also, if you’ve got artefacts of technology in your home that still work with analogue dials or worse – need winding up to work – we recycle the bits back into the technology circle of life, so let us know and we’ll collect your dinosaur gadgets when we deliver your nifty newbies!