The hottest CES 2018 news from Samsung, LG, Sony and more

This time around, the biggest story wasn’t new hardware. Artificial Intelligence and voice control dominated presentations as tech is getting ever cleverer...

09 Jan 2018


LG DeepThinQ


LG kicked off proceedings by announcing their new AI standard ThinQ. It’s their goal to make every one of their products intelligent by 2020, an aim they showcased in their demonstration of how their new products are already talking to each other.

For example, a washing machine can recognise that you play football every Saturday morning, so will automatically programme a sport setting when it senses you arriving home at 11am. You chuck in your muddy kit and press go. An alert arrives at your TV or smart Fridge when it’s finished its cycle before it instructs your dryer to choose the best setting to dry your clothes. 

Also in the LG presentation, the new W8 super thin screen TV (a new version of the one they called Wallpaper last year) now has Google Assistant baked in. And not only can you see all the Google services you know and love – including Photos, Translate, Weather and News, but you can also order pizzas and taxis, and see their progress on the screen.

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Samsung CES 2018


The big news from Samsung is that Bixby and Artificial Intelligence are coming to many of their products, including their Smart TVs and Family Hub Smart Fridges. Bixby has been a bit slow to take off, but considering that Samsung is the world’s top TV brand and has 20% of the global mobile market, they're likely to improve how often we see and use the interface.

Samsung also announced a new kind of television, named ‘The Wall’. It uses MicroLED technology, which contains self-lighting pixels, so they don’t need backlighting. That means brighter colours and deeper, true black. It’s also completely modular, so you can create a television that’s whatever size and shape you like.

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The top news from Panasonic is that its in-car consoles can now be powered by Amazon Alexa AND Google Assistant. And, for the first time, both assistants can be used when offline for in car functions – like powering up the air conditioning, locking the doors, adjusting the seats and more.

Panasonic also released an exciting new OLED TV, the FZ950. It sets new standards in both Colour and Sound, the latter because it has its own soundbar built into its pedestal.



Last year Sony made the jump to OLED screen technology for its Bravia televisions. But while it was a beautiful new tele, it was only available at quite an expensive price, too much for the average home. This year though, Sony is rolling out more affordable versions, making this stunning new tech ready for more UK walls.

Speaking of prices, if you have a spare £30,000 lying around, why not try the new Sony LSPX-A1 Ultra Short Throw Projector? It projects in beautiful 4K, and it only needs to be 9.6 inches away from the wall. Plus, it has a special 360 degree speaker built-in for crystal clear sound!


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