The latest news from Samsung at CES 2018

Samsung’s annual announcement at CES is always a highlight. And this year they didn’t disappoint, with exciting news about AI, new technology and more.

09 Jan 2018


Samsung’s highlights included news about artificial intelligence and voice, innovative new television technology, an excellent new laptop and a smart fridge that can answer your doorbell. Here’s all their top new tech...

Samsung Wall TV

Televisions and displays

There were a number of television announcements from Samsung. The most exciting was the new Micro LED modular televisions, which Samsung call ‘The Wall’. Micro LED has smaller pixels which light themselves, so there’s no need for backlighting or colour filters. This means you can create televisions as big or small as you like, in any shape.

Samsung are also giving their televisions Bixby voice assistant, so you’ll be able to check the weather, show your favourite photos, play songs from Spotify and much more.

They'll also have a universal, intelligent TV guide to help you find television programmes that you’re interested in, personalised to your tastes.


Samsung Smart Things

SmartThings is Samsung’s way to connect all of your Internet of Things devices, and it’s about to become even more convenient with the new SmartThings Cloud. It aims to make it easier for devices to work together, including Samsung’s own products and devices from other manufacturers who already collaborate with Smart Things.

Samsung is also introducing the new SamsungSmart Things app. Whenever you buy a new device, you can use the app to effortlessly transfer your favourite apps, your playlists and most importantly your passwords, so you don’t need to go through the laborious process of logging in using your TV remote.

Samsung is aiming for the Smart Things app to be your complete remote control for all of your home smart tech (as long as it’s a supported product).

 Samsung Hub

New laptops, digital whiteboards and more

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 Pen is a cross between a tablet and a laptop. It’s designed to be the laptop version of Samsung’s successful Note 8, and it even includes Samsung’s popular S Pen, so you can use the tablet side of the laptop for sketching using the amazing touch sensitive nib. 

Also announced, ‘The Flip’ is a new super-sized tablet, that’s designed to replace your work’s meeting room white board. The giant digital white board lets you easily collaborate on the big screen, plus transfer images and content from your phone just by using NFC. Samsung’s Flip also includes wireless connectivity, USB, PC, and mobile ports so you can connect pretty much any device you like to the display. 

Finally, Samsung has extended its range of Family Hub smart fridges to now include 14 different models. The most exciting news about Family Hub is that it now offers Bixby connectivity, plus SmartThings, so you can connect all of your smart home gadgets.

Imagine a family making a meal when the doorbell rings. Since they have a smartdoor bell which connects to SmartThings, they can pull up a video feed of the person at the door, and communicate with them through the fridge. Isn’t technology magic?


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