7 tech highlights of IFA 2020

Lots of great stuff happened this year in Berlin, but what were the top tech aways?

10 Sep 2020


Another IFA show wraps up in Berlin. And while social distancing ruled and lots of companies kept their presence virtual, it was still an exciting few days with plenty to talk about.

During the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe we saw some great tech unwrapped. Everything from super clean smart homes (courtesy of LG) to the rise of the robots... in vacuum cleaner form. (So don't worry.)

But what were the most exciting unveils? We whittled it down to a not-so secret seven of our faves.

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 

It's been more than a year since Samsung released the game changing Galaxy Fold. Since then, they've built on folding screen tech with the smaller Galaxy Z Flip. But now the Fold is back with its follow up. Samsung's unmistakable Infinity-O display covers two super tough Ultra Thin Glass screens. You also get five (yes five) cameras with the new Fold.

2. LG's Wing

It's not just Samsung that are rewriting the rules around screens. LG have released a video spoiler demoing the concept behind a new phone made up of two screens that can rotate into different shapes - including a cross. It's still early days, but we can't wait to see what comes next.


3. Lenovo Slim 7i

Lenovo hopes to make the gaming laptop totally mobile with the Slim i7. Traditionally this has been a tough ask - since trying to cram powerful gaming processing into a slim shell is a real challenge. The Slim i7  has a depth of 18mm but still packs in plenty of processing power. Its 15.6-inch, 4K resolution screen, gaming keyboard and thermal cooling system should give gamers all they need to play on the go.


4. Acer Spin 7

You know these super fast 5G download speeds we've been promised for so long? Well, with the help of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 5G chip, companies like Acer are delivering. The Acer Spin 7 not only gives you the dual laptop/ tablet switching super powers, but its connectivity will mean you can buffer and download without interruption on the bus. Bring it on!


5. Samsung's The Premiere 4K projector

If you're a fan of projectors, Samsung's latest should get your attention. The Premiere projects a 130-inch, 4K screen onto your sitting room wall. Soundbar technology comes built into the projector while lasers provide sharp pictures. The Premiere also comes with Samsung's Smart TV onboard - so it's a projector and then some! It's like a huge screen TV you can pack away.


6. Honor GS Pro Outdoor

Smartwatches have gone mainstream thanks to all the features they can pack onto something that fits on your wrist. Honor's GS Pro Outdoor is made for your inner (or outer) rambler. With 25 days of battery life and 100 hours of outside GPS mode, you'll be able to ditch the OS map, boot up and hit the trail.


7. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit 

We can't end without mentioning Mario Kart! Coming to the Nintendo Switch, Home Circuit lets you race around your very own front room. How? First, you film your custom course using a model Mario Kart model packing a camera. Then you upload your footage, it turns into a level and get to play against your mates. No matter how old you are, your childhood begins this October when the game gets its release!