The top tech of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, here’s our round up of the hottest tech the year had to offer…

19 Dec 2017


The hottest tech of 2017 has helped to make the everyday a little easier to handle – and a whole lot more fun! Here’s a look back at 2017's top tech highlights…


Smart speakers

In a nutshell: A personal assistant, a wireless speaker, a music and movie streaming device – there isn’t much that today’s smart speakers can’t do

Who knew that when the first smart speakers hit the UK a little over a year ago they could help make life a whole heap easier? There isn’t much these clever little devices can’t help with – be it organising your diary, answering the kids’ tricky homework questions or playing your favourite tunes. They’ve truly got your back.

amazon echo

This year’s Amazon Echo, for example, is smaller in size, louder in volume and a whole lot more homely – thanks to seven different finishes – and it retails at a fraction of the price of its predecessor.

And now there’s a whole family to choose from, too. The new Echo Show has the added benefit of video functionality. Use it to link-up with your home CCTV system, video call friends or even act as a baby monitor.

Get the new Echo or Echo Show


Google made their mark on the smart speaker scene this year too with Google Home. This impressive device offers excellent Hi-Fi sound quality and will even stream movies to your TV

Its smaller compatriot – the Google Home Mini – gives you many of the same great features but at a fraction of the price.

Check out the Google Home or Google Home mini



In a nutshell: Gaming in 2017 was all about 4K – with the best consoles all ready with virtual and mixed reality support

xbox one x

The world’s most powerful console – Microsoft’s Xbox One X – has seriously upped the 4K gaming stakes this year.

With 40% more power than anything else on the market it delivers the very best in 4K gaming. It’s also ready to support virtual and mixed reality gaming which Microsoft plans to release in 2018.

Highlights include:

  • 12 GB GDDR5 graphic memory for maximum game performance
  • Spatial audio that puts you at the heart of the action
  • 1 TB of hard drive capacity - giving you speedy loading times
  • Compatibility with the latest 4K games – Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves
  • Support of mixed and virtual reality games – due for launch 2018

Play the new Xbox One X


Mixed reality

In a nutshell: In 2017 mixed reality tech joined the mainstream and brought a new dimension to how we work and play

Mixed reality (MR) takes elements from the digital and real world and merges the two to create a new interactive environment.

Lenovo explorer

Take the Dell Visor and Microsoft’s Lenovo Explorer. All you need is a compatible PC and the MR world is your oyster! Both feature two Quad HD lenses so you'll experience beautiful 360° views in high quality – everything will look and feel incredible. 

But that’s not all this mind-blowing tech is useful for. Its Holoportation feature creates the illusion of being in the same room as people miles way. It can be used to ‘virtually’ allow colleagues in different cities and countries to interact and work together in the same digital space.

No wonder it’s made it onto our Top Tech of 2017 list!

Check out the Dell Visor and the Lenovo Explorer 


Kitchen appliances

In a nutshell: Even humble domestic appliances are getting smarter – helping us to stay in control

Just like everything else in the home our appliances are keeping up with the technological trends too – making busy lives a little easier.

samsung quickdrive

Take Samsung’s QuickDrive Smart washing machine. It…

  • Halves the time you need to spend on laundry – all thanks to innovative QuickDrive technology
  • Saves energy and detergent – Auto Optimal Wash uses just the right amount of water and detergent for each load
  • Lets you add late items and fabric conditioner with the handy AddWash door
  • Can be controlled from anywhere – link it up to your smartphone to control the cycle

See how easy washing can be with Samsung’s QuickDrive Smart washing machine


It’s not just the laundry that’s getting easier. Even doing the dishes is less of a chore with the likes of AEG’s ComfortLift dishwasher.

  • A unique ComfortLift rack mechanism simplifies loading and unloading dishes
  • SoftSpikes and SoftGrips protect delicate items from damage during the wash
  • Time-saver function reduces wash times by 50%
  • Whisper-quiet 44 dB makes it ideal for open plan living

Make the washing up less of a chore with the ComfortLift dishwasher


Wearable tech

In a nutshell: Most of us live our lives on the go – which is why wearable tech is one of the hottest tech trends in 2017

Wearable tech has come on leaps and bounds this year. We no longer want it to just tell us how many steps we’ve taken – it needs to help us run faster and get fitter.

2017 saw the arrival of contactless payment to wearable tech – making it even more convenient for life on the go.

fitbit ionic

Just look at Fitbit – it once produced glorified pedometers. Now its Ionic is a personal trainer, sleep coach, heart rate monitor, music storage device and wallet – all in disguise as a rather sleek and water-resistant watch.

Get in shape with Fitbit Ionic


Or check out Samsung’s Gear Sport. Once you’re done using it to work out with – link it up to a virtual reality Gear VR headset and use this smartwatch to control the game.

Stay motivated with the Samsung Gear Sport


Smart home

In a nutshell: Smart tech around the home is totally changing the way we live – and helping to keep the bills down too

There are a lot of perks to fitting smart technology around your home. It brings added comfort, cuts down on bills - using energy only when it’s really needed - and makes your home more secure.

ring doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is one such smart device. Pair it with your smartphone or tablet and see who’s at the door – even speak to them - when you’re out of the house.

Never miss another package with the Ring Video Doorbell 2


A welcome addition to the world of smart home tech is home heating. With a smart thermostat – such as the Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat – you use an app on your smartphone to adjust your home’s heating system from just about anywhere.

You can even control your hot water with the Nest 3rd Generation.

Take control of your heating bills with Nest


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