This Week in Tech: Sony’s new wrist strap makes your watch smart

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18 Feb 2019


Sony Wena: the smart strap you can attach to your existing watch

Here’s one for the tech head fashionistas. If you’ve always wanted the stunning features and ultra-convenience of a smartwatch, but prefer the stylish, mechanical look of a traditional analogue, your wishes may have come true.

Fitting comfortably and discreetly on the underside of your wrist, the Sony Wena strap stays out of sight but has a real impact on your daily activities. It does all the main things you’d want from a smartwatch – makes contactless payments, shows phone notifications and even tracks basic fitness and health data – but you won’t have to ditch your precious watch face.

You’ll get 7 days of use before it needs re-charging, so after a zap-up on Sunday night it’ll sync perfectly with your weekly routine, wherever life takes you. And whatever the weather throws at you, too – the strap is 3-bar waterproof, so provided your watch face is also safe, you won’t need to take it off to protect it from the elements.

The subtle OLED screen stays simple and doesn’t distract, so it won’t be a nuisance in any important meetings or conversations.

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Apple might be unveiling a video streaming service

Apple's rumoured video streaming service

The tech giant’s hotly anticipated answer to Netflix may finally be on its way. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to “unveil video and news subscription offerings” at its upcoming event on 25 March.

Word started to spread when the invitees list leaked to the press – movie stars Jennifer Aniston, JJ Abrams and Reese Witherspoon are expected to attend, suggesting the event’s link to the big screen.

The Bloomberg report says the service will likely be available as early as this summer, so you might want to speed up your current TV binge to make room for what Apple has in store.

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Is Apex Legends the new Fortnite?

Apex Legends impressive first week in sales

The latest game to cause a huge buzz amongst the mainstream may drum up enough excitement to overtake the massively successful Fortnite.

Apex Legends follows the same Battle Royale format as the world’s most popular game, but its fresh new take is drawing in a lot of new players. Its first week saw over 25 million downloads, which dwarfs Fortnite’s initial results of 10 million, and its base is growing rapidly by the day.

But experts believe that the hype may die off before it has the chance to overtake Fortnite’s total numbers, due to the game being harder to learn than its predecessors.


DJI to update its drone geofencing restrictions

DJI updating its geofencing restrictions

In a response to the forced Gatwick Airport closure at the end of last year, DJI has announced that it’s tightening its rules on where its drones can fly.

The updates show its initial no-go field around airports and other important locations changing from just a series of circles to a more complex design that maps sites’ most sensitive areas.

The hope is that it’ll further prevent the chance of commercial drones interrupting high-security procedures, making flying safer for everyone involved.

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Microsoft is testing a Windows 10 update…for 2020…

Windows 10 update for 2020

The founding fathers of Windows are already running tests on an update for 2020, which is a strangely long way out for what is usually just a set of business-as-usual improvements to the system.

Microsoft often tests its new updates in advance, but given that it’s yet to even start on 2019’s main refresh, this activity is turning a lot of heads in computing.

Currently all that’s confirmed is a number of bug fixes and security protections, but something more substantial could well be on the horizon. Windows Insiders can test the new beta version by selecting the ‘Skip Ahead’ option when choosing builds to try out.

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