Top tech gifts for the hipster boyfriend

With Valentine’s Day around the corner we’ve put together a list of gifts cool enough to keep your hipster boyfriend happy

08 Feb 2013


Your boyfriend thinks he's such a hipster. With the skinny jeans, battered Converse, artfully dishevelled hair and patronage of all the right bands he seems cooler than Vanilla Ice.


But you've been together a while now, and his secret travel hairdryer and Ally McBeal box-sets tell a very different story.

You love him though, so you go along with his little game - and with Valentine's Day around the corner we've put together a list of gifts cool enough to keep his sneering superiority at bay.

Beat It
He's the archetypal indie kid, and he's got the records to prove it. You've never heard of most of the bands but that's how he wants it - if you had he'd drop them like Pete Best. Everything has to be underground, cult - and he wants the same from his music tech.

When it comes to headphones, it can only be Beats. Dr Dre-endorsed and sickeningly good looking, a pair of Beats By Dre Solo 'phones will give him some serious kudos in the record store. Even his purposely tinny sounding Strokes LPs will sound rich with the distortion-free bass, while they can be folded up and slid into his man-bag when he gets to work.

Classic cuts
His haircut, clothes and music taste are perfect Apple-junkie fodder, and he's probably had a whole stock of iPods across numerous generations. But if he listens to as much music as he claims to he's probably ready for another. And they don't come much nicer than the new nano. A 2.5-inch touchscreen means he can flick between NME darlings and arch alternative comedy podcasts effortlessly, while a 5.4mm casing renders it slimmer than him in his skinniest slacks.

If he keeps skinny by pounding the pavement he'll be made up with the inclusion of Nike + funky technology which makes running seem much cooler than it actually is.  

Nook e-reader
Of course, a lot of his pop culture nous comes from books. He loves the way a book feels and smells, but he's tech mad too and the slender silhouette and Narnia-like storage of an e-reader is leading him to the dark side of digital reading. He'll be able to get all his essential cult novels on the Nook Simple Touch, with room for 1,000 books. And if he wants to catch up with the hot-off-the-press fashions and bands he can check out the digital version of the latest GQ.

Designer beards
He told you he was growing a beard to 'go folky' a few weeks after he'd proclaimed Fleet Foxes his new favourite band. It's big and bushy now. He thinks he looks cool but you delight in humouring him and 'forgetting' to tell him half last night's chicken curry is still living in it.

A joke's a joke though, and you reckon it's time he had a shave - or at least kept on top of it. It'll be difficult persuading him to go against nature and trim his face 'fro, but rocking up with a beard trimmer featuring a touchscreen should at least pique his interest. We know how precious he gets over his beard, but the Remington MB4550 gives him complete control. With 175 length settings he'll be so spoilt for choice he may even spoil you in return.

So, there we have it - a collection of gifts so right-on he'd even show them off to his gang of equally pretentious mates, who also have travel hairdryers too. Totally dope.