Top tech to enjoy the bank holiday - rain or shine

The August Bank Holiday is coming, but how will you spend yours? Get more from your beach day or bike ride with the right tech…

22 Aug 2018


Enjoy the bank holiday

For families hitting the beach

It doesn’t come much better than a traditional bank holiday at the seaside. Stretch out on the sand or paddle in the lapping surf. Tuck into piping-hot fish and chips and get sticky fingers with a bag of doughnuts.

Why not try… a compact camera

Compact cameras are small and lightweight, so will easily fit into your beach bag on a day trip to the seaside. Ideal for travelling, you'll be able to capture every moment of your activities this bank holiday.

If you're into your photography, you needn't worry about the image quality either. Many compact cameras boast 20+ megapixels, which is more than enough to catch some stunning shots.

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Fitness tracker

For seasoned cyclists seeking adventure

Spring training rides on your road bike have boosted your fitness. Now, with miles behind you, the August Bank Holiday is the perfect time to take on a longer ride. The 137-mile Coast to Coast, which climbs and winds its way from the west coast to the east, is a perfect challenge.

Why not try… a fitness tracker

What better way to boast about your epic ride to your mates than to have all the info there on your wrist? If you have the fitness bug, trackers are great for monitoring your progress per activity and comparing your performance over time.

With some featuring GPS capabilities, strapless heart rate monitors and a dedicated cycling app, you can track the distance, speed, time and calories burned all at once - making a Sunday pub visit seem a little less productive.

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Portable wireless speaker

For the friends planning a picnic in the park

Summer bank holidays and park picnics are like strawberries and cream. What could be better than sipping warm Prosecco while gossiping with friends, nibbling on all manner of lovely deli treats and leafing idly through your favourite magazine? Bliss.

Why not try… a wireless speaker

A portable speaker can provide the perfect summer soundtrack your picnic. Designed to take wherever you go, you can stream your favourite playlist from your phone with ease via Bluetooth.

Make sure to go for one that's waterproof and dirt-resistant if the gathering gets a bit livelier later on. Look out for a long battery life to last all day too - some speakers can play tunes for a whole 24 hours.

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What if it rains?

What if it rains?

Bike rides and beaches are great ideas on days when the sun is shining, but what about a rainy bank holiday? We’ve got a couple of ideas for staying indoors. 

Why not camp out on the sofa with the latest Netflix blockbuster? Series like Stranger Things and the new season of Orange Is the New Black are available for hours of rainy-day entertainment.

Get Netflix on your TV with a media streamer - turning any TV into a Smart TV.

Food mixer

Alternatively, take to the kitchen. There’s nothing more homely and comforting than baking a batch of muffins or a cake as the rain patters against the window. Make mixing your ingredients easy like Sunday morning with our range of food mixers.


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