Trademarks and a Former YSL CEO: Is the iWatch Incoming?

Surely time is ticking down until Apple finally unveils their iWatch?

05 Jul 2013


Surely time is ticking down until Apple finally unveils their iWatch? Just this week there have been several rumours swirling around the interwebs after the Cupertino-based company hired the services of Paul Deneve, the former CEO of fashion house Saint Laurent Paris (previously Yves Saint Laurent).

Apple Cupertino

But true to form, Apple is keeping tight-lipped about this appointment and has refused to give any details regarding Deneve's responsibilities. However, the company have said that the former YSL chief will be "working on special projects as vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook".

While nothing has been confirmed, it does not take much imagination to see that Deneve's new position may have something to do with wearable tech, most notably Apple's iWatch. After all, he does have a fair bit of experience when it comes to fashion.

But if you think that we're (excuse the pun) winding you up, the iWatch has in recent days been shifting from rumour to reality after Apple registered several trademarks for the "iWatch" name in Mexico and Taiwan. Apple has also allegedly tried to grab the term "iWatch" in Russia.

Sure, some naysayers may claim that Apple could be securing these trademarks to stop competitors using them, but who wants to believe that when we could choose to think about the possibility of an iWatch?


What can the iWatch (probably) Do?

Outside of a few early adopters, not many of us would have probably used a smartwatch yet. And if you're thinking of investing in an iWatch if/when it comes out, you may want to know what it can do for you:

1.       Smartwatches can give you updates

With a smartwatch, all you have to do is peek at your wrist to see if you've received an update. Over everything else, this probably offers this biggest advantage as you can stay informed while out and about without interrupting what you were doing. So now you won't look bored in a meeting or disinterested when hanging out with your mates, as you can stay connected with your smartwatch.

2.        Apps, apps, apps.

Apple iPad


Not every smartwatch will offer you a way to add tonnes of new features, but your iWatch will probably have access to the app store. While most of the apps available on iOS will need to have work done to them before they'll be available on your iWatch, we're sure that there will be an impressive array of software available.

What's more, you'll almost definitely be able to pair your iWatch with your iPhone and iPad, which may provide you with added functionality.

3.       Siri tech

By now you're probably thinking that the screen on your watch will probably be too small to do anything meaningful with. That is why we'd wager that the iWatch will utilise Siri technology to help you navigate and perform basic functions.

Just think about it for a moment... how good would it be if you could use your voice to search for content on your smartwatch? It would be so simple and convenient, and it would definitely save you the frustration of prodding the relatively small display on your watch.

Do you think we'll see an iWatch? Would you consider getting one? Let us know...