Transform your car into a 4G hotspot with the Buzzard

The Buzzard turns you car into a 4G hotspot - great for entertaining the kids on a long drive

Tired of having the kids - or your excitable friends - whinging in the back of the car during a long journey? Mobile network operator EE has just the answer.

It is launching a shiny new cylindrical gadget that transforms your car into a 4G hotspot - the Buzzard.


How does it work?

EE Buzzard

(Credit: EE) 

Plug the small device's 12v adapter into your car's cigarette lighter and sit it in your cup holder. Switch it on and your car becomes a 4G hotspot capable of supporting as many as 10 devices.

It creates a 'bubble' of 4G that envelops the whole car, so passengers can log-on to the web via their tablets, laptops, gaming devices and more.

The Buzzard accesses EE's 4G network, the biggest and fastest in the UK, to keep your passengers connected while on the road.


When would you use it?

EE says the Buzzard is "ideal for the school run". Basically though, anytime you have people in the car who need entertaining while you drive, the Buzzard is going to be an ally.

With the Buzzard activated, kids and adults can:

  • Watch a movie on a tablet or laptop on Netflix or the iPlayer
  • Play a game on one of the numerous apps available for Android and Apple tablets
  • Update their Facebook or Instagram profiles 
  • Browse the web en-route to a football match or concert
  • Tweet about the event they've just been to on the journey home


When can I get it?

The Buzzard will be available (May 28) across a range of plans.