Valentine gifts in exchange for a peaceful life...

02 Feb 2011


Ladies. We’ve all been there. You open your much-anticipated Valentine’s day gift, only to find it’s a bowling ball with finger holes that are obviously far too big to fit yours, tickets to go and see a band you hate (but coincidentally, that he loves) or a hastily wrapped box of chocolates that are past their sell-by date (yes, this has happened to me. I spotted them the next day at my local shop in the reduced section -I wouldn’t have minded except they were chocolates that I really don’t like).

If Lara got one more rubbish Valentine’s gift, she was going to throw herself out of the window

The thing is, I’m not a materialistic woman – I never ask for anything in terms of presents and there’re not even that many things I want, but if a man is going to buy me a present then I’d rather it be something I really like, no matter how small or inexpensive, because it proves he’s listened to me and cares. A box of chocolates is a lovely gift if they’re your favourites (and as long as they’re not past their sell-by-date) even if they are in the reduced section, because it shows that at that moment, he was thinking about you. However, I know that there are a lot of ladies out there, who’re a little more demanding when it comes to presents, and I’m here to fight your corner. So men – when a box of Milk Tray just simply won’t do, it’s time for you to get a gift that shows the woman in your life that you really care.

If your lady is like me and has a bonce that resembles a deep-fried poodle’s early in the morning, these Remington Wet to Straight Hair Straighteners will sort it right out, leaving her less stressed and you with more time to have a canoodle before work. Or if you’re planning on surprising her with a mini break (hey, it was just a suggestion!), these Remington Mini Hair Straighteners are ideal for her to pop in her bag, meaning that even if it rains in Rome, her locks will look super sleek and shiny.

Want to help your beau unwind after a hard day? She’ll fully appreciate this Handheld Percussion Massager (obviously you’re going to have to do the massaging for full effect, sorry guys) or how about this gorgeous Champneys Massaging Bubble Action Deluxe Foot Spa? Lush! If you really want to get a girly present you could go for this Champneys Electronic Pedicure System or Luxury Hand and Manicure Spa System. Of course, if it was me, I’d prefer a Blu-ray player, mini fridge or Xbox Kinect, but this isn’t ever going to happen sigh.

smiling woman.jpg
Sarah on the other hand, was very happy indeed

Ok, so there are the ideas. Of course you don’t have to go for any of these. Any good woman would have no problem with a couple of drinks down the local, followed by a curry and a film, but if you want to make her feel really special and win some man brownie points, then these gift ideas are a winner. You’ll be spending your next few post-Valentine weekends watching football in peace, trust me…