What can we expect from IFA 2016?

4K TVs, Ultra HD Blu-ray players, stylish wearables and helpful smart home tech – see our predictions for IFA 2016…

19 Aug 2016


Smartphones at IFA

Europe’s biggest tech show is taking place in Berlin on 2-7 September. Last year we saw big announcements from the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG. But what’s on the cards this year? We take a look at some of the predictions for IFA 2016...


4K TV and ultra HD Blu-ray  

TVs have long been a focus of IFA – with tech firms typically using the event to launch their new ranges. Can we expect the same this year?

Last year, Panasonic stole the show when it unveiled the TX-65CZ950 – a spectacular 65-inch 4K curved OLED TV. However, there have already been a few TV range launches this year. Most notably at CES where LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips all unveiled new 4K and 4K HDR TVs. 

But 4K TV needs 4K content – and that’s where 4K streaming and Ultra HD Blu-ray come in. It’s the second one that could be a big player at this year’s show.

Samsung and Panasonic already have their own 4K Blu-ray players, while the recently launched Xbox One S doubles up as one too. There’s a good chance we might see more of these players launched at IFA. Notably, Sony has yet to bring one out, so it could be on the cards...

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Flagship smartphones and wearables 

It’s not all about the TVs though. At last year’s event we saw big-name smartwatches unveiled by Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. Hot on the rumour mill is the news that Samsung will be bringing out the Gear S3 smartwatch – which would make sense, as it released the Gear S2 at IFA last year.

As well as wearables, several smartphones were launched last year – including Sony’s flagship Xperia Z5. Can we expect to see the next flagship Sony smartphone at this year’s event?

Samsung Gear S2  

The rise of Smart Home 

Smart home tech has had a somewhat slow start. But with the hype around Amazon Echo, Google Home and Nest, is it finally time for it to go mainstream?

Last year Samsung brought this tech to the forefront when it launched its SmartThings Hub – a set of products and app to turn your home into a smart one. Will another one of the big tech companies follow in its footsteps this year?


VR continues its reign

If there’s one story that’s dominated the tech world this year, it’s virtual reality. It was the main news of CES, and since then big releases from HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR have propelled it to the mainstream.

On the IFA website, VR is listed as one of the main trends at the 2016 show – so we could see some VR innovations there too. For all the latest tech releases and more, follow our coverage of IFA from 2-7 September.

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