What to expect at IFA 2017

Berlin’s IFA is Europe’s answer to the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in Las Vegas each year. And it’s coming soon. This is what we’re looking forward to seeing...

28 Aug 2017


IFA Berlin

What is IFA?

IFA is an annual tech conference held in Berlin, generally around the beginning of September. This year it officially kicks off on 1 Sept, and it’ll be running for the best part of six days. We’ll be heading across a few days before the doors swing open to the general public, to be at the press announcements and bring you all the latest news.

To get a feel of what IFA's all about, see our round up from last year’s event.


LG’s photography focus  

After weeks of rumours about a brand new smartphone, LG has confirmed it will be announcing the V30 at IFA.

Press invitations were sent out last week, and although the name of the phone has been confirmed, the jury’s still out on what it’ll be able to do. But, judging by the multiple rings on the invite - resembling a camera lens - we’d put our money on something to do with photography.

We’ll have more information on the LG V30 on announcement day – August 31st.


What will Samsung ‘unpack’ this year?

Samsung Unpacked events are among the biggest on the tech calendar, up there with Apple launches, and they’ve just revealed the new Galaxy Note 8.

Note 8

At IFA 2016, Samsung launched a stack of goodies, with the Gear S3 smartwatch talking centre stage. Bigger and more rugged than earlier versions, it was aimed squarely at adventurers with built-in GPS and speedometer and tough Gorilla Glass screen. It has become a common theme for Samsung to reveal a smart watch, and we’re not expecting this year to be any different.

This year we’ve been tipped that 'new stars in the Samsung Galaxy' will be unveiled at this year’s IFA. Speculation is that this will be more on the Note 8 plus a new watch. Stay tuned to TechTalk to find out…


Philips smart toothbrush  

Dental care tech doesn’t get its fair share of the limelight, but that could all be set to change. Philips will be launching a smart toothbrush called the Sonicare Diamond Clean at IFA, which could be the smartest toothbrush on the market. 

Philips is calling its product an ‘oral health platform’, which uses a series of sensors in the brushes head to communicate through a smartphone app, which parts of your mouth aren’t getting enough attention.


Sony’s next smartphone

Finally, Sony will be holding its IFA press conference on 31 August. There are lots of rumours floating around on what the company may launch, but Sony has yet to officially confirm anything.

Last year, the Xperia XZ smartphone racked up the headlines, and impressed us with its advanced camera with three new sensors. We also loved the high-end over-ear, wireless headphones, MDR-1000X.

The noise-cancelling cans really stood out for not only their superior sound, but also the innovative design. By placing your hand over the cup when listening to music, you can temporarily disable the noise-cancelation –perfect if you’re on the commute and need to listen out for an important announcement.

There will be plenty more exciting news coming out of IFA 2017. Bookmark this link for updates from the show.

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