Your guide to Secret Santa

Want to beat the panic Secret Santa buy this year? Check out our 2017 gift guide…

27 Oct 2017


your guide to secret santa

Fancy being one of those smug ones who has the Secret Santa gift nailed as soon as you pull the name from the hat?

Well, look no further. We’ve created a budget-friendly gift guide to help give you some inspiration for your Secret Santa.


For the selfie aficionado

In a nutshell: a stylish, wireless selfie stick that’s compact, but has a great reach to get the whole squad in the frame.wireless selfie stick in blackThis person always wants a photo, and with the Wireless Selfie Stick, everyone can be in the picture. Forget the unstable grip on the phone with this handy bit of kit.

With this Wireless Selfie Stick you can:

  • Connect a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Easily tuck it away when you’re done, thanks to its compact, foldable design
  • Include everyone in the photo op with a one metre reach
  • Easily control the picture with a shutter function in the handle


Get the Wireless Selfie Stick in Black

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For the one who’s power-hungry and on-the-go

In a nutshell: the pocket-sized power pack for on-the-go charging of smartphones or tablets

goji portable power bank

Know someone who’s always seen with a tablet and smartphone in hand, or asking the office if anyone has a charging cable? The Goji Portable Power Bank is the one for them.

This pocket-sized charger is so slim, it takes up minimal space in a bag. Use the Goji Portable Power Bank to:

  • Recharge any smartphone or tablet
  • Be in control - the smart charger indicators show how much power is left
  • Set the trend – the power bank comes in funky colour options


Get the Goji Portable Power Bank in Blue, Pink or Black


For the one who always loses their keys

In a nutshell: an upgrade to the old-school key finders, this lets you track them from your phone.

tile mate bluetooth tracker

Losing keys or a phone can be frustrating for anyone - especially if you’re in a rush to leave the office! You need a quick solution and the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is a handy answer.

With the Tile Mate you can:

  • Easily (and discreetly) attach it to your keys and track it via Bluetooth on your phone or tablet
  • Find your phone even when it’s on silent - with an 88 dB speaker
  • Assign 4 different tones to personalise different items
  • No recharging worries -  up to a years’ worth of battery life!


Get the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker


For the one who brings the party

In a nutshell: a sturdy wireless speaker that travels light without stinting on sound quality and lasts for five hours – great for creating an atmosphere wherever you go.

jam replay portable bluetooth wireless speaker blue

Everyone needs a party-planner, and the party-planner needs a great on-the-go speaker. The Jam Replay Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is great for setting up the music wherever you are.

With a rubberised body, it can handle being moved about, while an internal, rechargeable battery with five hours battery life means there’s no stress over finding a power supply.

With the Jam Replay Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker you can:

  • Stream your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet – no more messy wires!
  • Access your digital library up to 10 meters away from the speaker
  • Connect via a jack and aux-in cable, just in case your device doesn’t have Bluetooth
  • Use voice commands to check the volume and charging status
  • Use the speaker as a loudspeaker for phone calls with the in-built mic


Get the Jam Replay Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker in Blue


For the one who always wants to be prepared

In a nutshell: For recharging more than just your smartphone, such as a sat nav, camera or fitness tracker.keep calm re-charge portable power

If you need a recharging pack with some punch then the Keep Calm and Re-Charge Portable Power Bank is a great item to have in your emergency kit. It’ll charge any USB device and isn’t bulky so can be tucked away in your bag when not being used.

With the Keep Calm and Re-Charge Portable Power you can:

  • Monitor the remaining power with LED indicators
  • Charge all your USB devices on-the-go using the USB to micro USB cable
  • Look calm and collected with the different designs available


Get the Keep Calm and Re-Charge Portable Power Bank in PinkBlue or even in Union Jack design


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